Traveling to a risky country can be expensive. Many insurance companies do not pay for coronavirus treatment

Most insurance companies do not insure Czechs for medical expenses in connection with covid-19 in countries that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs describes as risky or high-risk. Exceptions are, for example, ERC Evropská pojišťovna and Uniqa. However, even these do not cover the risk of coronavirus in countries where the Foreign Ministry will directly ban travel.

ERV Evropská pojišťovna thus insures covid-19 risk in all countries except those where foreign or health ministries prohibit travel. Until 11 April, the ban applies to Botswana, Brazil, Swaziland, South Africa, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, including Zanzibar and Pemba, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“Otherwise, the ERV insures anywhere. The insurance applies not only to medical expenses, but also to situations where the client has to extend his stay abroad due to innocent quarantine or failure to meet medical conditions for the return trip, such as not allowed on the plane,” said the chief. marketing of the insurance company Vlastimil Divoký.

Generali Česká pojišťovna follows the traffic lights on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “In connection with covid-19, our travel insurance covers countries marked in green or orange at this traffic light and does not cover countries marked in red or gray,” said Jan Marek, a spokesman for the insurance company.

According to him, medical expenses in a country marked in red or dark red do not cover the costs associated with covid-19, but all other diseases or injuries, including the costs of transport, treatment, treatment or medicines.

From May, the cooperative will offer Covid insurance, which covers the costs of treatment in connection with this disease. Furthermore, it will be quarantine insurance, which covers the necessary and reasonable costs of food, accommodation or alternative transport to the Czech Republic in connection with the quarantine ordered to the insured, due to the occurrence of covid-19.

“We follow traffic lights and we recommend that Covid or quarantine insurance be arranged for clients traveling to high-risk countries, ie marked in red and dark red. In countries marked in green or orange, we cover these risks for clients beyond the terms of standard medical expenses insurance,” said spokesman Milan Buzzard.

“If an Allianz client leaves for a destination that is marked in red or dark red, then he leaves for it with the risk that we will not be able to recognize covid as an insured event and will not be able to pay for treatment from travel insurance,” said spokesman Václav Bálek. If he leaves for a country marked in green or orange, his travel insurance also covers covid. Even if he leaves for this country when he is green and she turns red during his stay, he said.

At Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, covid-19 is also excluded from the country in red and dark red. However, the agreed insurance applies to everything else according to the insurance conditions and provisions in the insurance contract. According to the spokesperson Renata Čapková, acute illnesses in connection with covid-19 are also insured for medical or green countries.

Uniqa travel insurance covers covid-19 in medical expenses, outpatient care, necessary patient testing, hospitalization and repatriation in all countries according to the traffic lights, including red and dark red. However, the insurance does not cover the risk of coronavirus in countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly prohibits travel.

Travel insurance from ČSOB Pojišťovna guarantees indemnity in connection with covid-19 in all countries, with the exception of those to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend traveling due to the local epidemiological situation, ie red and dark red.

VZP travel insurance covers coronavirus coverage in the countries marked in red, but only if the insured has a strong reason for the trip. It can be, for example, a serious family situation, study or a business trip.

green earth Iceland, Vatican

orange Norway, Denmark, Finland, Greece

red Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Balearic Islands, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus

dark red United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Turkey

Other countries outside Europe are currently considered dark red / unmarked. OFsource: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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