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Rapper Travis Scott held the Astroworld Festival for the third consecutive year in Houston, Texas, USA on Friday (5/11) evening, and Drake was the guest performer. Approximately 50,000 spectators entered the venue that night. Due to the excitement of the spectators flocking to the stage, a trampling accident occurred, resulting in 8 deaths and 300 injuries. The youngest injured was only 10 years old.

Travis Scott Music Festival killed 8 conspiracy theories went viral. (Twitter image)

Afterwards, Travis uploaded a black-and-white self-portrait video on IG, saying that he was hit hard and did not know the severity of the accident. However, one of the injured, Manuel Souza, filed a claim for at least US$1 million (approximately HK$7.8 million) from Travis and the organizer Live Nation, accusing them of negligence causing him to be injured, and that the tragedy was “avoidable”, but was only by the organizer. Ignore. Another injured Kristian Paredes also filed a lawsuit against Travis and Live Nation, alleging that Travis and Drake incited the masses, so Drake was listed as one of the defendants. Today Travis stated that it would pay for the funeral expenses of the eight dead, and arrange psychological treatment for those affected by the tragedy. It has also voted for a lawyer to contact the families of the victims.

However, the incident continued to ferment. Many netizens and audience members said that the scene was simply “hell on earth”, and a large number of conspiracy theories about music festivals, Satanism and blood sacrifices emerged on the Internet.

Support dystopia?

Travis uploaded two promotional photos on IG before the festival. Two of them have hand-designed images. They are reminiscent of the horrifying image of “Pan’s Labyrinth” in the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” directed by Guillermo del Toro. Man”. In addition, in the new song art picture released on the eve of the music festival, Travis transformed himself into a devil with pointed ears and fangs, and wrote the words “The True dystopia is here!” feel.

The album cover teaser 8 deaths?

The album “Astroworld” was released on August 3, 2018, also because the album Travis began to hold a music festival of the same name for three consecutive years. Some netizens pointed out that there are 8 people on the cover of this album. These 8 people are all preparing to enter the “Astroworld” amusement park to play, and those who unfortunately passed away in this tragedy are just like the album.

The entrance of the music festival hints at the entrance to hell?

The venue of the music festival is designed like the “Astroworld” album, the entrance is placed with the golden head of Travis Scott, and the entrance is the mouth of Travis. Some netizens found that this design coincides with the famous painting “Hell Hell” by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch from the 15th to 16th centuries. This painting tells the story of Christ’s coming to hell and describes the chaotic activities of evil demons and sinners. In the painting, a monster opened his mouth, representing the entrance to hell. Some netizens speculated that Travis Scott designed the entrance of the music festival in this way, which represents his connection with Satanism and the blood sacrifice during the festival.

Burn the pigeon?

The white dove has a long history in religion. It is said that the white dove represents the soul of the gods, and the act of burning the white dove, coupled with the 8 spectators who died in the music festival, is the blood sacrifice and ritual that represents Satanism.

See you in hell?

During the singing, the words “See ya on the other side” (See ya on the other side) were broadcast on the stage screen. Based on the above-mentioned other “evidence”, many people think that this sentence implies that the audience will meet in hell.

666 mysterious number?

Travis Scott often makes this demon gesture in public. (Getty Images)

Some people may ask, the music festival has been held for the third year, why has there been no accident in the past two years? It is worth noting that the day of this year’s music festival, November 5, 2021, is the 6th day after 666 months after the establishment of Satanism. As a guest guest at the concert, Drake happened to be 66 months and 6 days old from Travis Scott. Whether it is related to the demon number of 6 or not, I can’t help but think of these connections.


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