Treasure Island Club publishes a magazine publication with full-size storage bag for the original PlayStation console, scheduled to launch on 6/13

Japanese publisher Takashimasha announced today (5/31) that it will launch a bonus magazine publication “Magazine Book with Original PlayStation Full Size Multipurpose Storage Bag (Original PlayStation の Original Inch Big マルチポーチ付きBOOK)” on June 13. The price including tax is 2068 yen.

“Magazine book with original PlayStation full-size multi-purpose storage bag” is scheduled to include introductions of 3 past PlayStation games selected by many PlayStation celebrity fans, and a multi-purpose modeling storage bag of the original PlayStation console’s full size. Double zip top opening with PS logo graphic on the inside. Usually the black version, the Lawson and FamilyMart channels offer a channel-limited blue version.

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Product information

  • Availability: June 13, 2022

  • Recommended price: 2,068 yen (tax included)

  • Seller: Takashimasha Co., Ltd.

  • Where to sell: Blue version: Lawson, Family Mart and other convenience stores
    Black Edition: All Japan Bookstores, Amazon, Rakuten Books and other shopping sites

  • Dimensions: 185mm × 265mm × 50mm (W × L × H)

  • Product page:

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