Treating Saudi Arabia with “carrots and sticks” .. Hillary Clinton provokes anger and a reminder of Saud Al-Faisal

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, criticized Saudi Arabia for standing with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his invasion of Ukraine, considering that this decision was “short-term” and indicated that the “carrot and stick” approach should be followed with the Kingdom. It sparked a wave of controversy and anger on Twitter, on Monday.

Clinton said on the “Meet the Press” program on NBC, in response to a question about Saudi Arabia’s refusal to increase its share of oil production to reduce prices and the consequences that Riyadh must bear: “I am upset with this decision because I see it as short-term and not in anyone’s interest, including It is in their interest,” she said.

The former US Secretary of State added, “I would do everything I could to be more convincing and talk about the consequences…”, and the announcer interrupted her, suggesting: “the carrot and stick method,” he said.

Clinton responded, “I think you have to follow the carrot and stick approach. We are in an existential crisis today. The only positive aspect of this horrific, unjustified and unexcusable attack on Ukraine and the commission of war crimes by Putin’s army is that the world has now woken up, and some have woken up before the other, but on the Everyone should pay attention here,” she said.

The speech of the former US presidential candidate sparked widespread anger on Twitter on the part of Saudi tweeters, as the “Hillary Clinton” tag spread across the site, and many of the tweeters touched on the incident of closing the phone of the former Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, to the phone during a call with Clinton.

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