Trilobe | Reconciliation: Trilobe’s Crazy Day for Only Watch

2023-09-05 22:05:19

A unique piece, a 100% independent house, an exquisite craftsmanship, an obvious philosophy for Only Watch. Once again, Trilobe hits the bullseye

“Time is the only capital of people who have only their intelligence for fortune”, wrote Balzac. This is what best suits Trilobe, a young house founded by Gautier Massonneau barely five years ago. Because of capital, the young shoot does not have much. 100% independent, it relies on its skill, its creativity, and its intelligence to move in watchmaking lands where behemoths clash with billions of francs.

Trilobe slips through it with agility. Dodge, bounce, reappear where you least expect it. Regenerated and mischievous. We see the film from the early 2000s where young wolves were already playing David against Goliath. They were called MB&F, Urwerk, De Bethune. We know the rest.

A Crazy Day of Reconciliation © Trilobe

Without fail

Will Trilobe take the same path? Do not insult the future by predicting it. But for now, it’s flawless. The display of time without hands, the very sophisticated shapes, the in-house movement, the craftsmanship, the originality coupled with humility: all the boxes are ticked. Last year, the mad cavalcade even ended with a prize at the GPHG, category “Petite Aiguille”. Funny distinction for a brand that was built on dials … which are devoid of them.

repair time

For Only Watch 2023, Trilobe has appropriated the Japanese Kintsugi technique. It consists of repairing the cracks of certain broken objects, such as vases, with gold. A rare and elegant way not to hide the breaks of time and everyday accidents, but on the contrary to sublimate them.

Watchmaking and Kintsugi is a story that already has a few years. Our colleagues from Europa Star devoted an issue to it in June 2020. Audemars Piguet was interested in it in 2021. But no piece had seen the light of day by applying, stricto sensei, the technique of these Japanese masters to a watch. Until this day.

A Crazy Day of Reconciliation © Trilobe

original creation

Trilobe has supported the Only Watch charity auction for three editions. Luc Pettavino, its initiator, had proposed to the brand to join the movement when it was not even a year old. A great proof of confidence that Trilobe has since endeavored to honor with each edition by assuming the risk of an authentic original creation, and not of a simple refresh of an existing piece, by a change of logo, color or of bracelet.

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“A Mad Day of Reconciliation” will be no exception. It even honors the brand and the sale of a creation of rare exemplarity. It reproduces, on the dial side as on the movement side, traces of broken components, then repaired with fine gold, in the purest tradition of Kintsugi. The basic model is an entirely black Folle Journée (PVD-treated titanium), in order to magnify the contrast with its golden fractures. We particularly admire the minute disc, which has literally been broken. The movement also has its own crevices, covered with gold leaf.

Give sense

In addition to the technical performance, the piece offers an obvious philosophical significance: time interrupted by an accident of life, but which continues to flow; the repaired scars of an existence; magnify restorative care to move forward. So many metaphors that fuel the profoundly humanist aim of the watch industry’s only charity auction.

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