Trump believes in “very clear and realizable path to victory”

In a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, his lawyers want to have the result of the presidential election in the state undone. In Wisconsin, there will be a recount of votes in two counties. Whether that will help Trump is doubtful: In Georgia, his deficit on the victorious challenger Joe Biden shrank from 14,000 to 12,000 votes after an examination.

State results are key to winning a presidential election. The head of state is not elected directly by the people, but by electors who cast their votes according to the results in their state. According to calculations by the US media, the Democrat Biden has 306 electorates behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 electorates. Pennsylvania is a particularly valuable state with 20 voters, Georgia has 16 votes, and Wisconsin 10.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump side, under the direction of his longtime personal attorney and confidante Rudy Giuliani, is calling in a lawsuit, which has been revised for the second time, not to confirm the election result in the state at all. Instead, the local parliament – in which Republicans have a majority – should appoint the electorate. The goal: These elected voters should then not vote for the election winner Biden, but for the defeated Trump. In this way, Trump would secure the support of 20 voters who, according to the election results, are not entitled to him.

Trump insists on fraud

Trump, who ran for the Republicans, has been claiming since election day on November 3 that his victory was stolen by fraud. He still did not provide any solid evidence of electoral fraud on a large scale. In the meantime, he continued to spread rumors that the software used in the vote count attributed votes cast for him to the challenger, Biden. He also denounced allegedly forged ballot papers from postal votes. His lawyers have already suffered more than two dozen defeats in various states. But you keep trying.

Trump announced on Thursday that his lawyers would hold a press conference later in the day, which would show a “very clear and realizable path to victory”. In contrast, more and more senior Republicans are conceding that Biden will be sworn in as the next president on January 20, 2021. But the top of the party still supports Trump.

Even if the lawsuits don’t work, Trump has already succeeded in making a majority of Republican voters question the legitimacy of Biden’s success and his presidency. According to a poll, 70 percent of them now believed that Biden won by fraud, the news channel CNN reported.

In the northern state of Wisconsin there will be a recount in two large districts at the request of the Trump side, as the election commission decided after controversial deliberations on Thursday night. Biden is vastly superior in both districts. In Dane County he is ahead of Trump with over 260 185 to 78,800 votes, in Milwaukee County with 317,270 to 134,357 votes. Trump’s campaign team had to transfer $ 3 million for this. The cost of a recount would only be borne by the state if the lead had been less than 0.25 percent – but it is 0.62 percent. The president continues to shower his supporters with appeals for donations.

Georgia is counted

The manual review of votes in Georgia has now been completed. There Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes before the recount began. During the inspection it was found that several thousand votes were not included in the results, said the state secretary responsible for conducting elections, Brad Raffensperger at CNN. The cause was errors by employees in two districts ruled by Republicans. With them, Biden’s lead has shrunk to around 12,000 votes. Raffensperger also emphasized: “We have seen no signs of widespread fraud.” According to the broadcaster Fox News, 5,600 votes counted were not included in the bill.

The state will also determine how much leeway Biden will have to enforce his policies as president. At the beginning of January there will be runoff elections for two Senate seats, which will decide on the majority in the Senate. The Republicans currently have 50 seats in the chamber and the Democrats 48. If the Democrats manage to win both runoff elections, Vice President Kamala Harris could intervene on their side in a 50-50 stalemate – and ultimately give them a majority . The president needs the approval of the Senate, among other things, for filling government posts.

In view of the importance of the two runoff elections, more than 125 million dollars (around 106 million euros) have been put into the election campaign in the past two weeks, as reported by the New York Times. For the Republicans, Vice President Mike Pence wants to go on tour in the state.

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