Trump on the Iranian attack on Israel: It could end in a world war

United States – Former US President Donald Trump warned at dawn on Saturday of a new world war against the backdrop of tensions in the Middle East and the escalation of threats between Iran and Israel.

Speaking from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the Republican businessman said: “What happened with Israel on October 7th, and what is happening with it now (Iran’s threat of retaliation) could end in a world war.”

He added: “We have a president who does not know what he is doing and cannot put two sentences together, or find his way off the stage, and we could end up in a world war.”

He continued: “As you know, we have a little less than seven months now before November 5th. But this period is never considered long when people are incompetent (meaning Joe Biden).”

In the same context, President Joe Biden said in his comment on the expected Iranian attack on Israel: “We will support Israel and help defend it. Iran will not succeed.” He called on Tehran not to use force in the current situation, saying: “Do not do that.”

The Axios website stated, citing three sources, that “Iran conveyed a message to the Biden administration, via several Arab countries, earlier this week, stating that if the United States intervenes in the fighting between Israel and Iran, American forces in the region will be attacked.” “.

Against the backdrop of potential escalation, the United States assures Israel in every possible way that it will support its allies in confronting any threats emanating from Iran and its followers.

An Israeli air strike occurred on the Iranian Consulate General building in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on the evening of April 1. The consulate building also included the residence of the Iranian Ambassador, Hussein Akbari, but he was not injured during the attack, and according to a statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense, the consulate building was completely destroyed as a result of the attack. .

According to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Israeli raid killed seven IRGC officers, including two senior general advisers, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, and his deputy, Brigadier General Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi.

Source: RT

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2024-04-14 12:21:44

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