TSMC’s gains force people to rise by 13 yuan in early trading, and the market value soars to 17.34 trillion

TSMC’s ADR surged 3.57%, and its share price reached NT$669 in early trading, which drove Taiwan stocks to a record high of 18619 points after the opening. Analysts said that the short-term fear of falling into shocks.

TSMC’s gains forced its market value to rise by 13 yuan in early trading to 17.34 trillion. (File photo)

Taiwan stocks opened today at 18,598 points, an increase of 72 points, and the index once rushed to 18,619 points. As of 10:55, the weighted stock price index fell by 25.47 points to 18,500.88 points, and the transaction value was NT$199.033 billion. Although TSMC took a break after the surge, the broader market index rebounded and fluctuated, but Hon Hai stepped up to support the index. Industrial stocks, led by shipping, also stopped the decline and rebounded, allowing the index to wander around the flat market.

The legal person pointed out that Taiwan stocks have once again hit a new swing high. Foreign investors have bought more than Taiwan stocks for 10 consecutive trading days, and the trading volume can return to more than 300 billion yuan in the past two days. The pattern of price increase and volume increase shows that the long-term pattern has not changed. However, it is noticed that the buying power of the investment letter above the Wanba level has slowed, and the KD indicator has entered the overheating zone. The short-term index has a large deviation. It is not ruled out that there will be profit-taking and selling pressure. Pay attention to the risk of high-end indexes tending to fluctuate.

Analysts said that in the past five years, the U.S. stock market’s Nasdaq index has a 100% increase in January, and Taiwan’s January heavyweight method will debut. It is expected that there will be positive news, and the index still has a high point. In addition, the economic response lights continued to be red, and the export orders in November hit a new high for 21 consecutive months. The first quarter of the company is expected to be profitable. The overall economic fundamentals are optimistic. With the government’s release of new outsourcing quotas, foreign investors admit their mistakes. Covering up, the long pattern of Taiwan stocks is expected to continue.

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