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Ricardo Ferretti ‘exploded’ against a photographerafter his press conference with Blue Cross. As the Machine strategist was about to leave the room, a photographer was trying to capture an image of the Technical director. However, the journalist collided with a door, for which “Tuca” reacted:

“Wow wey, you see?!”: he said Ricardo Ferretti jokingly, with a smile and pretending to be angry. This made more than one laugh Cruz Azul press roomthat the next March 11th will receive Pumas on the field of Aztec stadium.

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Tuca Ferretti does not give more importance to victories and defeats

Ricardo Ferretti, Technical Director of Cruz Azulsurprised this Monday in Press conference with a controversial phrase. The strategist of the Machine He explained that he does not care much about winning or losing, against any team of Liga MX:

We are human beings, we have hearts (…) it doesn’t matter who it is against. I have a group that when they won, they didn’t feel like the mother of tarzanNot even now that we lost, do you feel the horse poop of the wasteland. If it is Pumas, America, Mazatlanwhoever it is, deserves our respect, but we are not afraid ”.

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This was the opinion of Ricardo Ferretti, after the defeat against Mazatlán

Cruz Azul lost last day against Mazatlan. Without a doubt, it was a defeat that weighed heavily, since that game began by winning the Machineto finally lose by 3-1. After that meeting, Ricardo Ferretti acknowledged that he understood the requirement of the celestial hobby:

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“Before this match there was a lot of hope and now with the defeat people can comment many things. When you win there is confidence and when you lose there are negative comments and you have to accept them. Let’s keep working to give joy that they deserve for so much support that they give us”.

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