Twenty young people from Brussels on a recreational outing attack a bus from Lijn to Ghent: 2 people arrested

Twenty young people from Brussels on their way to a recreational park in Ghent attacked a bus near the Gand-Saint-Pierre station, according to the local police. Two of them were administratively arrested. A similar incident had taken place earlier in the week.

The group planned to go to the Blaarmeersen Estate, a recreation center by the water. On the square in front of Ghent station, the young people attacked a De Lijn bus. The police intervened en masse and made two administrative arrests. Other young people were questioned, as well as several witnesses. A youngster was injured and taken to hospital for a check-up. The others were able to continue their journey to Blaarmeersen. “The bus driver was not injured, but she was in shock”says the spokesperson for the local police in Ghent.

On Wednesday, another incident took place involving young people from Brussels who came to Blaarmeersen to refresh themselves. Dozens of people rushed on the buses to take the way back. A vehicle was damaged and the police also had to intervene.

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