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The lease of the Golden Harvest Fanling Theater has expired and the film “Night School” directed by Liu Weng has been closed. It is sad that it will be the last show to be released (21:55) Twins announced their 22nd anniversary of their debut and are rumored to hold 6 concerts at the Coliseum in January next year (21:30) Cai Yingen’s friend Lin Haoting passed away Sad and swollen eyes refused to be interviewed (20:29) 11.11 Join hands with Leslie Cheung to express his deep love for Lin Jiaqian and ask for a kiss (19:16) Feng Yunqian was shocked by Lin Gaoting’s death and recalled his colleagues a few weeks ago (19:02) Bing Sparks | Lin Baiwei led the team to win and fell unconscious on the ice with a nosebleed. Ke Weilin got two episodes? (18:23) The music competition “Sing Out of Time” invites amateurs to cover or adapt Lin Yikuang’s classic songs and listen carefully (17:50) “Day Moon” sparks reincarnation craze again Kim Young Dae Pyo Ye Jin performs a century-old sadomasochism (17:30) Zhang Liheng counterattacks Liu Jiachang and accuses his father of being a fool: the legal process must be completed (17:12) Liu Jiachang reveals another family affair and reveals that his son drunkenly beat the police chief when he was a minor, causing his head to bleed (16:57) MIRROR He went to the theme park to celebrate Chengjun’s 5th anniversary. Jiang Tao suspected of “seasick waves”. Li Junjie was the most daring (16:21) Lu Hanting and Zheng Xinyi kept in touch. Jiang Tao recovered from his foot injury and could play basketball and do sports (16:09) Lu Jue’an said that Jazz was paid for shit. Heartfelt condemnation of the swindler Shai Liu Yingting, who is not dating and letting his love life take its course (15:30) Zhou Chu eliminates three evils | Ethan Ruan pursues Yuan Fuhua to become the most wanted criminal, and the award of the best actor has become a shackle (14:42) Lee Seung-ki will become a father Lee Da-in Marry in April and give birth to a baby in February next year (14:33) Prize gatekeeper|Aimee Chan is pre-wet in a swimsuit and Lian Shiya recognizes that her dancing skills need to be improved (14:24) Hello Auntie|Women’s group Otome New Dream once planned to disband Mei Auntie Sister Bing’s dance was praised for her kawaii style (14:01) Luo Zhu|Chiang Zuman plays a charming boss lady who relies on the guidance of her “male subordinates” to improve her femininity (13:30) Hong Kong people in Beijing|“Ali” was dubbed the scumbag of the century Hong Yongcheng and Chen Xingyu performed a kissing scene with his wife (13:15) “Brewed Soul” has a box office of over 10 million, Lu Hanting is grateful: he will continue to work hard on the road of acting (12:57) Jiang Tao laughed at himself for not celebrating Halloween and then having an MRI scan with a tired face (12:31) 42-year-old Zhu Huimin was a first-time mother and her daughter was born early with a smile on her face: like an angel coming (12:21) Huang Xiahui dressed up as Chang’e and went to Central to celebrate Halloween and people rushed to collect stamps. It was very lively (12:02) Fashionista Lin Haoting passed away. Suffering from emotional illness at the age of 35 (00:25) Article date: November 1, 2023

It has been 22 years since Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Gillian Chung (Gillian) debuted as Twins in 2001. They were originally scheduled to hold a 20th anniversary concert before this year, but due to the epidemic and various reasons, it has not been implemented. Yesterday, Twins finally announced that they would hold a concert in Hong Kong. The two and their manager, Fok Wenxi, uploaded concert promotion posters on social networks. Fok Wenxi left a message: “The Twins concert was officially announced today (yesterday). We are reunited after a long absence, going both ways, and Twins Let’s meet together! TwinsSpirit22 concert”. The date and related information have not been disclosed yet, but the news has made fans who have been waiting for many years very excited.

Ah Sa, Gillian and Fok Wenxi shared three concert promotional posters, mainly red and white, with the fonts combining the English names of Ah Sa and Gillian, and “TWINS SPIRIT” printed in the middle. This year is the 22nd anniversary of Twins entering the industry, and the posters all have the “22” pattern. The last time the Twins held a concert in Hong Kong was in 2016. It is reported that their concert will be held at the Coliseum from January 21st to 27th next year for 6 times. It will be 8 years before they perform in Hong Kong again.

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