two 8K screens, and a price of US $ 3000

When Apple launches a product, the company often targets high-end and stratospheric pricing. Well, for its headphones, Apple applied the same formula!

According to The Information whose source is working on this VR headset, it would be equipped with two 8K screens and its price would be $ 3000. Technically, the screens would be curved to accommodate the human eye.

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In addition to VR, cameras placed in the front would also make it possible to display augmented reality. Apple would therefore release a mixed headset, which is quite logical. The company is investing heavily and is already promoting publishers capable of using augmented reality to their advantage.

With this headset, it is clear that it will benefit the galaxy of Apple products. From Apple Music for concerts, to Apple Arcade for video games, the company should logically support its product and quickly integrate it into its ecosystem.

Apple headphones for Apple products?

Knowing Apple that this headset runs on a PC would be amazing. Apple opens, as in the case of streaming, only forced and forced. It should therefore logically be dedicated to Apple products by becoming complementary, and therefore essential.

Whether we like Apple’s policy or not, if there is a company capable of advancing the adoption of VR, it is it and for several reasons. First, Apple is a champion in the integration of its products. It is not going to launch a VR headset with two applications and three games, but there is a strong risk of bringing an entire ecosystem already ready and integrated into its products, and which can only evolve.

Apple users often have the means and are more inclined to adopt Apple products more quickly. This success will inevitably lead content editors to invest in this new medium, and whose contributions will subsequently be found in other VR headsets. Clearly, not all Apple users can pull out $ 3,000 overnight. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if this headset is aimed at the very high end first. The following year, it could be declined in less expensive products like Apple did with the iPhone. In comparison to PC users, the percentage of users of this VR headset could therefore grow infinitely faster than on PC. By ripple effect, these improvements at Apple will necessarily end up benefiting the competition.

In any case, on paper screens are already the holy grail so sought after in VR. Displays below 4K show the space between pixels, which has so far resulted in a grating effect. 4K displays already significantly reduce this effect. By switching to 8K, Apple should further reduce this effect, and hopefully make it almost zero.

Even if it remains expensive, the Apple VR headset aims for ergonomics and surely greater integration than what currently exists. Its presence in the market could therefore be very relevant, and could benefit the competition which could be inspired both by the product and the way in which it will be integrated into an Apple environment.

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