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Vanessa Borelli y Naiara Mello | Instagram


From influencers Brazilian women were caught breaking quarantine while touring San Pedro de Atacama, both took photos and uploaded material to their social networks. The women were referred to a health residence, where they completed four days of confinement.

Models Vanessa Borelli and Naiara Mello they reached the tourist attraction of the Antofagasta region, where they were seen without complying with the necessary sanitary measures to avoid contagion by covid-19, as reported The Diary of Antofagasta.

Both women, who have thousands of followers on Instagram, received criticism through social networks and caused the annoyance of Aliro Catur, mayor of San Pedro de Atacama.

I want to make a call of attention to national and foreign tourists. They know they have to quarantine. Some Brazilian tourists walked throughout the commune taking photos, uploading photos to social networks in a very irresponsible way, “he commented.

According to sanitary regulations, travelers entering Chile must have a negative PCR and a ten-day confinement, a time that can be reduced to seven days if a new test is negative.

Borelli and Mello were denounced and inspected by officials of the Municipality and the Seremi de Salud. Subsequently, they were referred to a health residence in the city of Calama, to carry out a four-day quarantine, since they had been in national territory for three days, according to the aforementioned media. After undergoing PCR, the models were able to continue their journey through the region.

In Vanessa Borelli’s Instagram stories you can see that she arrived in Chile on January 19. In addition, the records show how he travels through different desert landscapes and tells his followers what is necessary to visit the country.

Capture | @vanessaborelli
Capture | @vanessaborelli

For her part, Naiara Mello also shared Instagram stories, including the document of her PCR test.

Capture | @naiaramello_
Capture | @naiaramello_


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