two dead in protests against anti-Covid measures

A view of Libreville in Gabon (illustrative image)

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A view of Libreville in Gabon (illustrative image)

Clashes between the police and demonstrators who participated in the concert of pots to demand the relief of the government’s decisions against the spread of Covid-19 left two dead Thursday evening.

Every evening from 8 p.m., Gabonese are invited to stand in front of doors or windows and hit a pan for 5 minutes. This non-violent movement was launched to protest against government measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus. But on Thursday, young people took to the streets and the situation degenerated into clashes with the police.

« Groups of people have violated the curfew put in place to protect the population against the Covid-19 epidemic, explained the public prosecutor, André Patrick Roponat. These people, in large numbers, erected barricades on the public road and burned tires, thus obstructing traffic. Alerted by residents of the neighborhoods, the police immediately went to the scene and suffered projectile jets from these people who had become hostile. Officers came out with injuries. »

In this context, two men were wounded by bullets and could not be saved despite their transport to the hospital, continued the public prosecutor, adding that the public prosecutor had opened a judicial investigation to clarify the circumstances of their death. . ” The first elements of the investigation reveal that a Toyota Prado type vehicle was seen at the scene with people wearing balaclavas and who opened fire. Autopsies will be performed on the bodies of the victims and an update on the progress of the investigation will be made in due course. »

Gabon has extended a week ago his curfew, starting it from 6 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. and banned entry and exit from the capital to the provinces, in order to stop a “ worrying rise Of Covid-19 cases.

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