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Updated:12/01/2021 20:08h


Here’s one idea that may be attractive to my readers, especially in these days when mobility is reduced and information becomes important. I have the pleasure of invite you to two months of free subscription to ABC Premium, With which you will be able to browse the ABC website unlimitedly, read all the news and specials, exclusives, reports and content that my ABC colleagues publish every day. Below I explain how to access to this more than interesting offer.

First, I think it’s a way of saying thank you to all of you who follow and read me. Also, because it is a way of better share information from a medium as important as ABC, where every day you will find very interesting things. But also because readers, in these busy times, in which verified information is very important, we train a special community, curious, alert, critical and in search of the best criteria to understand the challenges of our time.

Special contents

You can for example freely browse specials like the one we were able to do on the occasion of the publication of «Regreso al Edén», the album by Paco Roca, whom we visited in his studio to see how he works, step by step. Also the one that we dedicate to bars, a whole song of society to these vital businesses that are having such a bad time. Don’t miss it, because it was exciting.

As it is to know shocking stories every day, like that of Carlos, an innocent prisoner in the United States, or like that of the writer Fernando Beltrán, a poet who was in the hospital quite seriously due to Covid-19 and who has now written a wonderful book so that we gently peek into the loneliness and fragility that the pandemic makes us feel as human beings.

Our columnists and exclusive topics

There are memorable podcasts, unique reports … Today, you can read the interview with Santiago Auserón, who welcomed us into his house, or learn about the album that Steve Earle has dedicated to the death of his son, even choose between the important books they will publish in the next few months.

And of course, you can freely read the ABC columnists, Ignacio Camacho, Pedro G. Cuartango, Rosa Belmonte, Hughes, Luis Ventoso, José María Carrascal, Alberto Garcia Reyes… There are a lot of smart, critical and ironic glances, current affairs analysis and arguments to consider every day.

If you are an ABC Premium reader you can enjoy some other advantages, such as visiting our archive with total freedom (the century of journalism that ABC represents is a true treasure), commenting on the news in a prominent way, special hobbies, etc.

What to do to subscribe

And how ?: To benefit from these two free months you just have to access to our virtual store [ haz clic aquí]. If you are already registered in, log in and complete the subscription details; You will need to enter your credit card, but you will not be charged anything for the first two months and you can unsubscribe at any time in a very simple way from your personal user area on the ABC website.

If you are a new user, you must first open your personal account. After two months of ABC Premium totally free you can continue for € 9.99 / month or, if you have not been satisfied, unsubscribe as we have indicated.

Hope you give it a try, and enjoy it. We keep informing you.

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