Two new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today

Xbox Game Pass has managed to become the best video game subscription service that we can find currently available thanks to the large number of titles that we can find available in its catalog, a catalog that this month has increased exponentially with the arrival of EA Play as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

But the titles included in EA Play are not the only ones to reach Xbox Game Pass during this November, since without going any further, today we can find two new additions to the service, the beat’em up River City Girls, and one of the biggest surprises on PC this year, Star Renegades.

River City Girls y Star Renegade, ya disponibles en Xbox Game Pass

If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you will currently find both River City Girls and Star Renegade available for download, two games that are really worth trying.

River City Girls

(Available on Consoles, PC and Android)

River City’s infamous streets are buzzing with trouble again, but this time the kids don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. In this new installment of the legendary beatdown series, the heroes Kunio and Riki have disappeared. They will be his girlfriends, Kyoko and Misako, the ones in charge of serving revenge. Tip punches and kicks to advance through the city, alone or with your friends in local cooperative mode. Gain new abilities, level up, wield different weapons, and unleash an arsenal of combos, throws and special attacks until the villains beg for mercy, all in a fantastic 16-bit format.

Star Renegade

(Available on Consoles and Android)

A service robot named J5T-1N has come to your dimension to warn you that a colossal force, known as the Imperium, is about to destroy everything. Fight for survival in a procedurally generated pop-up quest-based campaign, all with a tactical turn-based combat system that places a special emphasis on interruptions and counters. An intelligent contestant system will stand in your way, with enemy officers evolving and rising through the ranks.

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