Two Point Campus leaked on Microsoft Store

Two Point Campus was probably one of the announcements of theE3 2021 but no luck, Microsoft mistakenly published the game page on its store. Alumni of Theme Hospital change framework but remain in the domain of management.

It will necessarily turn out better than my old college …

Kind of like in the worst season of Scrubs, so we go from the hospital to the university. The games start during the summer holidays to give you some time to construct the buildings and prepare the courses. We are also promised further personalization of your campus with new tools that are easier to use.

Two Point Campus

Two Point Studios obliges, we keep the offbeat tone of the first game but this time the wacky diseases give way to wacky lessons. Thus your students will be able to follow a formation of knights with lessons of jousting. Not original enough? There is a gastronomy course that seems normal written like that but it is a pun between gastronomy and astronomy and where you teach how to make giant dishes.

two point campus fuite microsoft store 02 1

But the university is not only the courses. And so it will be necessary to manage other aspects of student life such as clubs, fraternities, sororities and others. Everything to help young people to flourish and prepare them for a bright future even if for one reason or another, some are embarking on a knight’s career in 2021 …

two point campus fuite microsoft store 03 2

For the concrete information of the release, it is much more vague, no window for the moment and since the leak took place on the Microsoft store, only the Xbox One and PC versions are confirmed for the moment. The Xbox Series is also mentioned by the file without knowing if the machine will be entitled to its own version or if it is just backward compatibility.

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We imagine that the title edited by Sega will also arrive on PlayStation consoles and perhaps Nintendo consoles if it turns out well, since Two Point Hospital was released at the time on PS4 and Switch. In short, see you in ten days for more information about Two Point Campus and a first trailer.

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