two preventive vaccination centers opened in Nantes and Angers

The disease remains mild in most cases, but given the progression of the epidemic, preventive vaccination is implemented for people at risk. 19 cases have so far been identified in Pays de la Loire. It takes two doses of vaccine to acquire immunity after 14 days.

Monkeypox is a disease usually observed in forest areas of Central and West Africa and transmitted by wild rodents or primates but human-to-human transmission is also possible“explains the ARS of Pays de la Loire.

Complications have been reported, but at this stage in Europe and particularly in France, no deaths have been reported.

This is confirmed by doctor Julie Coutherut, coordinating doctor of the Center Fédératif Prévention Dépistage 44 of the CHU de Nantes: “there are few serious forms, it is essentially a mild disease

It starts with fever and sore throat” continues the doctor, “and it evolves into rashes that can degenerate into pustules

Possible complications like any infectious disease are pulmonary, ENT and ophthalmological.” she concludes.

The disease usually heals in 3 to 4 weeks.

In the Pays de la Loire region, 19 cases of monkey pox have been confirmed according to the ARS des Pays de la Loire.

  • 12 in Loire Atlantique
  • 3 in Vendée
  • 3 in Maine et Loire
  • 1 in Mayenne

There are currently no cases in Sarthe.

Today, Monkeypox (Editor’s note: the name of the monkeypox virus) is not considered a sexually transmitted infection (STI) but sexual intercourse brings together all the conditions for contamination.

Having multiple partners increases the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Here too, the coordinating doctor of the Federative Prevention Screening Center 44 of the Nantes University Hospital specifies: “the main mode of transmission is through prolonged skin contact“.

The High Authority for Health issued an opinion on July 7, 2022, which, given the evolution of the epidemic, recommends preventive vaccination for people at risk.

It’s about men having sex with men multipartner” says doctor Julie Coutherut, “sex workers in prostitution and people working in sex establishments

In this context, vaccination sites are gradually being set up in France and also in the regions.

Vaccination slots have been open in Nantes since the beginning of the summer (Federal Center for Prevention and Screening) as well as in Angers (Free Center for Information, Screening and Diagnosis: CeGIDD).

In Nantes, we vaccinated the first 16 people at risk on July 13, we were very responsive” welcomes doctor Julie Coutherut,

We gradually opened the vaccination slots until September because we need the staff who follow“keep it up coordinating doctor

We are aiming for a vaccination capacity of approximately 130 people per week in the short term” she assures.

The vaccination schedule includes 2 doses 28 days apart” Explain the coordinating doctor of the Federative Prevention Screening Center 44 of the Nantes University Hospital.

Be careful because vaccination does not confer immediate protection.

14 days are needed to have immunity.

It is therefore necessary to continue to avoid any risky contact.

A page dedicated to monkeypox can be viewed at the website of the Pays de la Loire Regional Health Agency

It lists all the information on the disease and in particular the methods of vaccination in the region.

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