Two weeks after her brother, an Egyptian student died during an exam

Only two weeks after the death of her brother, who was electrocuted while performing his work, an Egyptian student passed away inside the examination committee, as a result of a severe drop in blood circulation, as a result of which she was transferred to Kafr El-Dawar General Hospital, where she passed away.

The student, Shorouk Khalif, died only 10 minutes after the start of the engineering test for the third grade of preparatory school in the “Abdul Qadir Khalif Preparatory School” affiliated to the Kafr El Dawar Center in Buhaira Governorate.

Shorouq’s father said in local statements that his daughter was fasting while taking the exam, as today coincides with the beginning of the month of Rajab.

Weeping, he added: “My children are the martyrs of Muhammad, the martyr of work, and my daughter, the martyr of knowledge.

good health

For his part, Abdul-Malik al-Sharif, a relative of the student Shurouk, said that she went to the lesson before the exam with her friends in the morning, and then went to take the exam, saying: “It was good and there was no need for it.”

The incident began when the security services at the Buhaira Security Directorate received a notification from the Kafr al-Dawwar Police Station commander, stating that Kafr al-Dawwar General Hospital had received the corpse of a female student, Shorouq Khalif, 14 years old, a student in the third preparatory year.

Immediately, the security services moved to the scene, and it was found that the student had died after suffering a severe drop in blood circulation. A report was issued regarding the incident.

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