Two weeks after the wedding night, a groom turns into a human wolf and practices violence with his bride on the bed and asks his friend to break her virginity, and the end does not cross the minds of humans.! !

In an incident described as shocking, especially after social networking sites in Saudi Arabia buzzed with a shocking story of a bride-to-be from Tabuk, her life turned into hell two weeks after her marriage.

In the details, the bride, named Nada (24 years), suffered from memory loss and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital two weeks after her marriage as a result of her husband’s abuse.

During the honeymoon period, the husband brought a human wolf into his wife, Nada, in her bedroom, threatening and harassing her, causing psychological trauma and nervousness for the young bride.

For her part, the bride’s sister said that she did not communicate with her sister Nada after her marriage; Because she is on her honeymoon, and they did not want to disturb her, stressing that she was not complaining of any psychological or health problems.

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