Two-wheelers in Asia choose ‘Ste. Ink’ as voters for UCI general meeting in Australia.

Two-wheelers in Asia choose ‘Ste. Ink’ as voters for UCI general meeting in Australia.

“Seth Ink” General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage revealed that the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) held a meeting of the Executive Committee (Management Committee) through the Zoom application system on August 6 with Mr. Osama Al Shafa. The ACC President, United Arab Emirates (UAE) chaired the meeting. The main agenda is the selection of the ACC’s voting delegates to attend the UCI Congress during the UCI Road Cycling World Championships. World Championships 2022 in Wollongong Australia Between 18-25 September

General Decha said that the meeting had concluded and appointed the ACC Executive Committee. and the presidents of the cycling associations from 9 nations, including General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand and Executive Director of ACC Along with representatives from Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, South Korea and the UAE to represent the ACC. at the congress To be held on September 22, this year’s voting agenda will focus on certifying each UCI committee, recognizing new member states. and endorsement of the UCI constitutional amendment.

The Thai two-wheeler said that the ACC meeting also congratulated and appreciated the Cycling Association of Thailand. able to organize international competitions continuously in the past 3 years, even if faced with the problem of the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in a surge, whether it is a long-distance bicycle race “Tour of Thailand” ”, International BMX Bike Race and the Track, Track, Asia Cup, while other nations have to decide to cancel or postpone the race indefinitely.

“I reported to the meeting that the next international competition of the Cycling Association It is the track type bicycle race Asia Cup 2022 between 26-30 August in Suphan Buri province. Which is gratifying to have member nations in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan send both national and club teams to compete. crowded together especially Hong Kong Send a first team team of more than 40 athletes and officials to participate in the competition, led by Sarah Lee Wei Xia, the owner of the Kirin and Sprint women’s world champion. While Malaysia sent a large set of recently competing in the Commonwealth Games. In Indonesia, Benjamin Van Eert is the winner of the 2022 Track Nations Cup Cycling Savings Medal in Cali, Colombia. The same field that Jai Ungsuthasawit won the Kirin silver medal to participate in the competition as well,” said General Decha.

In addition, on Sunday, August 7, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand have traveled to deliver and give sermons to athletes and trainers To attend training and practice in track sports in the 2022 WCC-KOREA Track Training Camp project, which is a collaboration between the Cycling Association of Thailand and the WCC-KS World Cycling Center, Yangyang. South Korea Between 8-21 August at the WCC-KS World Cycling Center by the association sent 4 athletes and trainers, consisting of 2 trainers, Major Ying Chanpheng Nontasin and Mr. Chaiwat Lakdee / 2 athletes Sergeant Major Kanyarat Norkaew and Mr. Nonthasak Raksasri

General Decha said that today I have the opportunity to send athletes and trainers to train at the WCC-KS Training Center in South Korea, amounting to 4 people, which is a UCI training center in Asia. Previously, the Cycling Association sent “Nong Nam” Ms. Woran Nonthakaew, a young cyclist from the Fisherman Friendship Training Center, Wat Dong Noi, Lopburi, to join the training program for female cyclists. Road category “2022 WCC – Korea Road Training Camp for Female Riders” between 15 July and 10 August, so this set of trainers and athletes will travel to join Miss Woranan. Some trainees will also have the opportunity to participate in competitions in South Korea.

General Decha added that for cooperation between The Cycling Association and the WCC-KS World Cycling Center have selected youth athletes and trainers as required by the Training Center. These athletes and trainers come from their performance in the Thailand Championships. Anyone with good performance and good statistics, the association will send them to train to develop their skills further. After completing the training The athletes will return to the International Track Cycling Championships “Track Asia Cup 2022” from August 26-30 at Veldoldrome. 2nd Stadium, Suphan Buri Provincial Sports School and will consider how it has evolved from training in South Korea These are the results of the human resource development plan of the Cycling Association. which we work continuously and relentlessly to build a reputation for Thailand

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