Two Zurich women become part of a Simpsons episode after a YouTube hit

In 2019, the two Swiss women, Katrin von Niederhäusern and Janine Wiget, posted a video on YouTube that became a viral hit. In it, the illustrators from Zurich recreate a scene from a Simpsons episode. As a result, Homer Simpson eats his way through 54 restaurants in New Orleans, which the two found out, actually exist.

Then the two Swiss women came up with the brilliant idea to recreate this scene in New Orleans and share it on YouTube. The video now has over four million clicks. That is why the makers of the «Simpsons» became aware of the campaign and decided to reward the two Zurich women for their creative and funny idea, writes «Look».

Katrin von Niederhäusern and Janine Wiget received an invitation to the Fox studio in Los Angeles, where they were also able to meet Simpsons inventor Matt Groening. And that’s not all. The 702nd episode of the “Simpsons” will feature a “Couch Gag” that the two Swiss women produced themselves. A “couch gag” is the first scene at the beginning of an episode.

The episode with the “Couch Gag” made in Switzerland, entitled “Burger Kings”, will be broadcast for the first time in the USA on the Fox channel on Monday night. It is not yet clear when it will be seen in Switzerland.

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