U-17 World Cup Qualification: Can Mexico Avoid Elimination? Next Game Against New Zealand

2023-11-15 11:25:21

When it seemed that Mexico was going to leave the Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium with the 3 points, an unfortunate play by Norberto Bedolla arrived, giving away a penalty against Venezuela and making it 2-2; What does El Tri need to avoid being eliminated from the U-17 World Cup?

Fortunately for Mexico, and the ‘least bad’ news with this tie, is that at least they got units, so they depend on what Germany does to get their hopes up with a virtual direct pass, or, alternatively, take out the rosary and the calculator and aspire to be 3rd in the group.

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Who qualifies for the Round of 16 in the U-17 World Cup?

In this 2023 edition of the U-17 World Cup, which is being held in Indonesia, there are 24 teams participating, which are divided into 6 groups, of 4 countries each.

The first two places in each sector qualify directly for the Round of 16, in addition to the 4 best third places, a possible place that Mexico will occupy in this tournament.

What does Mexico need to qualify and not be eliminated?

After the tie against Venezuela, Vinotinto is positioned as the group leader with 4 points, followed by Germany (which has not yet played J2) with 3 points, then Mexico with 1 point and finally New Zealand at 0.

Logic says that Germany will beat New Zealand and they will reach 6 points, so everything would be defined in the last day, where Mexico has to win no matter what.

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Mexico has a difference of -2 and Venezuela +3, so they would have to beat New Zealand by at least 5 goals and hope that Germany beats Vinotinto by the minimum, thus they would be 2nd in the group; A greater victory for the Germans would make everything easier and El Tri would not have to score as many.

If Mexico wins but does not have the goal difference to be 2nd, then it will have to wait to see the rest of the groups and hope to be one of the best 3rd in the sector; There are 3 groups where this place is occupied by a country with 3 points and another with 2.

If they lose, they are eliminated from the U-17 World Cup.

When is Mexico’s next game?

Mexico will play Matchday 3 of the U-17 World Cup against New Zealand, on Saturday, November 18 at exactly 3:00 a.m.

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