U.S. stocks slumped at the opening, Taiwan index futures dived more than 100 points and broke the support of 100006 | Anue Juheng

As U.S. inflation has not cooled down and market panic has spread, U.S. stocks plummeted again at the opening of today (13), the decline of the four major indexes continued to expand, and TSMC’s ADR tumbled more than 3%.Fingering periodIn the night trading, it dived more than 100 points simultaneously, falling below Wanliu, and it may continue to test the previous low of 15526 points for support.

Observe the four major U.S. stock indexes,Dow JonesStrive to keep the previous low of 30,635 points, and keep the 30,000-point mark.NasdaqThen it broke the 11,000-point mark, rewriting the new low since November 2020.half feeIt fell more than 3%, and also hit a new low in 12 years in 2020.S&P500 It was the lowest level since March last year.

The legal person expects that with the four major U.S. stock indexes falling again, Taiwan stocks will face the battle of Wanliu tomorrow, and if the gap on May 30 is filled, the rebound structure may be damaged, and the previous low of 15616 points is the support, which needs to be closely observed. Volumes can vary.

This week is the Super Central Bank Week, and the Federal Reserve will also announce the latest interest rate decision on Thursday. As the US CPI exceeded expectations, it highlights that the cooling time of inflation is not as good as market expectations. The attitude of raising interest rates will affect the direction of global stock markets.

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