U.S. Treasury yields hit a new low in the past month. U.S. stock futures are mixed |

The US 10-year Treasury bond yield fell back to 1.503%, hitting a new low in a month. US stock futures were mixed on Wednesday (9th). Dow Jones futures fell 0.13%, S&P 500 futures rose 0.04%, and Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.25%.

1. Biden’s infrastructural construction negotiations broke down to increase taxes, and the size of funds was not agreed

On Tuesday (8th) U.S. President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and House of Representatives Member Shelley Moore Capito (Shelley Moore Capito) have failed in infrastructure negotiations for several days. The two sides have major differences on the scale of capital and corporate tax increases. Due to the failure to reach a consensus, Biden is turning to seeking new allies in the infrastructure bill.

Biden had previously set 2.25 trillionU.S. dollarThe size of infrastructure proposals is reduced to 1.7 trillionU.S. dollar, Hoping to win the support of the Republican Party and some Democrats. Recently, Biden and Capito, a Republican member of the U.S. Senate, began negotiations.

Capito raised 330 billion on TuesdayU.S. dollarOf the proposed infrastructure scale, which is comparable to Biden’s 1.7 trillionU.S. dollarThe proposals are very different. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki issued a White House statement on infrastructure negotiations on Tuesday that Biden was extremely disappointed with Capito, whose latest proposal did not meet the basic needs of the United States.

2. The U.S. Revenue Service calls for increased supervision BitcoinFell to a 3-week low

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Tuesday (8th) called on the legislature to authorize stricterCryptocurrencyTransaction reporting requirements, plus the withdrawal of the Colonial Pipeline in the United States BitcoinRansom money and rumored that the FBI can freely obtain hackersBitcoinPrivate key.MakeBitcoinFell below 33,000 on TuesdayU.S. dollarMark, hit a three-week low.

The Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service Charles Rettig urged Congress on Tuesday to provide tax agencies with clearU.S. dollarCryptocurrencyFor the transferred information, these large-scale transactions currently do not need to be reported.

Rettig said: “CryptocurrencyThe market value exceeds 2 trillionU.S. dollar, There are more than 8,600 exchanges worldwide, and according toCryptocurrencyDesign, mostVirtual currencyStay away from the radar detection range, which makes us face challenges. “

3. The next meme stock? Wendy Burger soars 26%

Retail investors are eyeing new targets again? Following GameStop (GME-US)、AMC(AMC) 和 Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY-US) After that, the fast-food chain Wendy’s (WEN-US) Became the next meme stock, soaring about 26% on Tuesday.

An article on the WallStreetBets forum on Reddit platform Wendy’s (WEN-US) Is called the “perfect stock” and praised its iconic product and social media visibility, and then Wendy’s surged 5.93 on Tuesday U.S. dollarOr 25.85%, closing 28.87 U.S. dollar, After the market rose nearly 5%.

Gradient Investment Company President Michael Binger said on Tuesday, “I think the reason why Reddit retail investors pushed up Wendy’s stock price today is that the company’s retail stock is very small, but I can guarantee that the fundamentals will not change overnight.”

4. Google cancels search engine bidding fees and makes major concessions to small European peers

Previously, search engine providers had to pay to be one of the default search engine options when European users set up Android devices, but Google (GOOGL-US) Said on Tuesday that it will stop charging the fee.

In 2019, in response to the EU’s anti-trust grounds, Google imposed a high fine of 5 billionU.S. dollar, Launched search engine menus of other companies in Android, no longer bound to Chrome browser and search engine apps.

Now, Google has cancelled the bid, which is Google’s key concession to smaller peers, because small businesses such as DuckDuckGo, Qwant and Ecosia have been complaining that this “pay-to-play” auction system is beneficial to cash-rich peers, such as Microsoft (MSFT-US) Bing.

5. The poor yield rate of Mini LED led to the delay of mass production of the new MacBook Pro

The new design of the MacBook Pro is not as expected in this week’s Apple (AAPL-US) At the WWDC Developer Conference, DigiTimes reported that the poor yield of Mini LEDs was the main reason for the delay in production of the new MacBook Pro.

DigiTimes reported that the new MacBook Pro originally planned to start mass production in the second quarter, but due to the poor production yield of Mini LEDs, the supply was lower than previously expected. The company had to postpone the mass production schedule to the third quarter. Season or Season 4, but the plan to be launched in the second half of the year remains unchanged.

The new MacBook Pro will be equipped with an upgraded version of the M1 processor, and it will be announced that it will adopt a more extensive and flatter design, and adopt Mini LED panel technology. It is expected to be launched in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes.

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