“Ukrainian Armed Forces Target Center for Displaced People: Security Guard Killed and Civilians Injured”

2023-05-30 19:15:36

“Ukrainian armed forces fired artillery at a center for displaced people housing elderly civilians and children (…) a security guard was killed and two people injured,” Gladkov said on Telegram.

According to him, the two injured are “in serious condition in intensive care” with “penetrating injuries to the abdomen” for one, to the chest for the other.

He accompanied his message with photographs of a damaged building with shattered windows, a ditch caused by an impact near the cabin of the security guard, and adults and children being evacuated in buses .

The region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, has been repeatedly targeted by Ukrainian bombardments, as well as by attempted incursions by armed groups from Ukraine.

These bombings and incursions have multiplied in recent weeks as kyiv says it is preparing a major counter-offensive intended to repel Russian forces from the territories they occupy in Ukraine.

The Russian capital, Moscow, was targeted at dawn on Tuesday by an unprecedented drone attack, which caused minor damage and injured two people, according to local authorities.

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