Ultimate Guide to Ice and Snow Tourism: Skiing, Hot Springs, and More!

2023-11-29 22:45:48

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As temperatures continue to drop in many parts of the country, major ski resorts are opening up one after another, and ice and snow consumption continues to heat up. In addition to the hot sales of ski equipment, ice and snow + hot springs, ice and snow + folk activities, ice and snow + music festivals/food, etc. have become the standard features of more and more ski resorts. Ice and snow consumption is diversifying from a single sport to vacation, amusement, leisure, etc. Integrated development and transformation.

After the light snow solar term, as the temperature continues to drop in many places across the country, major ski resorts have begun to “open”, and ice and snow consumption continues to heat up.

The reporter learned that with the continuous release of the effects of the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow consumption in the new snow season is booming. Data from many travel platforms show that the popularity of “skiing” has surged since November. In addition, various regions continue to expand the ice and snow economic chain integrating “culture, sports and tourism”, and ice and snow consumption is gradually releasing a “heat effect”.

“As the first complete snow season in the post-Winter Olympics era, the domestic ski market is expected to usher in a strong recovery in the 2023~2024 snow season, which has become an industry consensus.” said Zhang Yuang, head of the What’s Worth Buying Commercial Operations Center.

Strong demand for ice and snow

In the new snow season, Beijing’s ice and snow competition venues are particularly lively, and a number of top international events are being held at the Beijing Winter Olympics venues. Recently, the International Skating Union Speed ​​Skating World Cup (Beijing Station) kicked off with excitement at the “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium. This is the first time that this world-class speed skating event has landed in Beijing.

“Seeing the athletes skating so well, I also experienced it in the ice rink. This is my first time skating. It is really fun.” Qian Feiyu, a college student from Zhejiang, told reporters that this time she and three The students made a special trip to Beijing to watch the Speed ​​Skating World Cup competitions and checked in at Beijing Winter Olympics venues such as Ice Cube and Shougang Ski Jump.

Recently, Yan Song, who is studying in Beijing for graduate school, completed his first ski of this winter at Yanqing Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort. More than 1,000 ski enthusiasts participated in the first ski. Previously, when he heard that the ski resort would open early this year, he made an appointment with his friends to go skiing a month in advance.

Yan Song told reporters that the number of ski enthusiasts in many universities in Beijing has increased sharply. Big data from Qunar shows that in addition to Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Zhangjiakou Taiwu Ski Resort, Wanlong Ski Resort, and Miyuan Yunding Ski Resort have become popular ski destinations in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region this winter. Data shows that since November, the popularity of “skiing” related searches on the platform has increased threefold month-on-month, and the number of ski resort ticket bookings nationwide has increased by nearly 150% compared with the same period in 2019.

The continued popularity of ice and snow sports has directly promoted the sales of ski glasses, helmets, ski protective gear, snowboards and other ski supplies. Data from What’s Worth Buying shows that from November 1st to 20th, the GMV (total transaction volume) of “ski” keyword products on the platform increased by 23.22% year-on-year, among which the GMV of ski tickets surged by 332% year-on-year.

Ice and snow “culture and sports tourism” consumption is booming

As the public’s enthusiasm for ice and snow projects rises, the integrated consumption of ice and snow “culture, sports and tourism” is showing a hot trend. Ctrip data shows that the trend of cross-border integration of the ice and snow economy is obvious. Ice and snow + hot springs, ice and snow + folk activities, ice and snow + music festivals/food, etc. have become standard features of more and more snow resorts. Ice and snow consumption is shifting from single sports to vacation, entertainment, Diversified integrated development and transformation such as leisure.

In Northeast China and other places, ice and snow-related activities such as rime rafting, snow hot pot and ice fishing have become popular projects, while hot springs and skiing have become “top-tier” projects. In addition, ski tourists often pay attention to travel keywords such as self-driving and aurora.

Mafengwo data shows that among winter vacation destinations that have become increasingly popular recently, Changbai Mountain has the highest increase, reaching 240% in the past month. Recently, Mr. Ye, a Nanjing citizen who is planning to go to Changbai Mountain in Jilin to experience skiing + hot spring + tourism, told reporters: “I wanted to take my children to ski, soak in hot springs, roll in the snow, and see the rime during the winter vacation last year. I must wait until my children take the winter vacation this year. Then I’ll stay for a few days to experience it.”

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New trends in ice and snow tourism consumption dominated by southern tourists, such as “Southern tourists traveling north” and “Northern snow moving south”, are gradually emerging during this snow season. Among the top ten popular ski resorts in Mafengwo, Nanfang Ski Resort, which has both scale and characteristics, suddenly emerged and occupied four places. Sichuan’s Taiziling Ski Resort even broke into the top five, becoming the first choice for ski enthusiasts in the Sichuan and Chongqing regions.

The Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area in Chengdu has recently made great efforts in the integrated consumption of ice and snow “culture, sports and tourism”. According to the person in charge of Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area: “In the new snow season, we have invested in the largest mountain downhill bicycle park in Southwest China, and carried out activities such as the Nanguo International Ice and Snow Festival, New Year’s Eve and TOP SNOW Music Festival, and the Huashui Bay at the foot of the mountain. The ancient seawater and hot springs are linked together to form a unique experience of ‘skiing on the mountain and soaking in hot springs at the bottom.'” Skiing also drives related consumption of hotels, hot springs and other tourism projects around the destination.

Preferential policies promote consumption

As the number of ice and snow travel and tourism consumption has increased significantly, various regions are actively introducing various preferential policies. The entire ice and snow tourism industry chain is also working overtime to welcome the upcoming ice and snow tourism peak.

According to reports, Jilin Province has more than 70 ski resorts of different sizes, and has set up a 10 million yuan ice and snow transportation subsidy for this purpose. By opening ice and snow through trains and providing incentives and subsidies for tourist charter flights, we strive to accurately attract tourists from outside the region. The Altay region of Xinjiang has introduced policies to benefit the people, such as free admission to scenic spots and one-ticket passes. According to statistics, the total number of skiers in the Altay region since its launch has reached more than 86,000.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, the 10th Beijing Citizen Happy Ice and Snow Season series of activities was officially launched on November 26 and is expected to last until April 2024. It is understood that no less than 30,000 ice and snow consumption coupons will be issued during this series of ice and snow season activities. Citizens who use the ice and snow consumption coupons can enjoy ticket discounts for some ice and snow venues in Beijing and deduct the ticket cost of the face value of the consumption coupons, driving more People walk into the ice rink and the snow field to promote ice and snow sports consumption.

According to Wang Peng, a senior skating coach, the ice and snow effects released by the Beijing Winter Olympics are still continuing. Not long after the new snow season started, many people of all ages went to Beijing’s many snow resorts to experience skiing.

Wang Peng believes that relevant departments should guide more regions with capabilities and basic resources to build ice and snow sports and tourism-related infrastructure, and promote the full integration of ice and snow sports consumption and cultural tourism. At the same time, it is best for merchants to comprehensively use multiple platforms, such as live video broadcasts or social media, for promotion, and launch some promotional activities such as coupon discounts to further stimulate the potential of ice and snow consumption.

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