Ultimate Guide to SPARKLE ARC A770 TITAN OC D6 16GB Graphics Card: Ray Tracing & AI Upscaling Technology Explained

2024-04-16 13:07:13

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The two most important topics in the recent gaming graphics card market are ray tracing and the incorporation of AI upscaling technology that contributes to increasing frame rate and quality. The SPARKLE ARC A770 TITAN OC D6 16GB graphics card that we will introduce today is the Intelยฎ Arcโ„ข chipset. Equipped with a more realistic and immersive screen, it is a product that shows performance that does not lag behind in digital content production. This product, which adopts 3 fans and is made with 2 slots thick, is based on a blue color and has a neat overall appearance. The housing and sophisticated color finish are shown. The “Titan Limited Edition” graphics card support included in the basic components is also made of blue anodized metal material, so it can be used as an element to increase the sense of unity when installed together. It may work, but I did not proceed with the actual installation because I was planning to use a vertical stand. SPARKLE ARC A770 TITAN OC D6 16GB has realistic light reflections, shadows, and lighting by applying ray tracing, which is an important element mentioned above. (light source) has become possible, and through Intel , It has a size that can be easily installed in most cases, and supports 3 DP ports + 1 HDMI port. And the SPARKLE logo on the side has an LED backlight. It is equipped with a thermal sync function that displays colors ranging from blue (40โ„ƒ) to red (90โ„ƒ) depending on the temperature of the GPU. Thanks to this, it helps you intuitively understand the current status of the GPU without a separate temperature check program. Immediately after installation, the information value of HWiNFO is as above. The children’s temperature was maintained at a stable level of 40โ„ƒ. Because it is equipped with a 0dB function, the fan does not rotate unless a certain level of temperature or load occurs, which is effective in reducing power and noise.

Below are the benchmark test results after installation of SPARKLE ARC A770 TITAN OC D6 16GB.

โ€ป The PC specifications used are i5-13600K, B760M, 360mm liquid cooler, DDR5-5600 32GB. First, 3DMARK’s Fire Strike scored 27,543 points, which is similar to or slightly higher than the RTX4060Ti when compared to the product per N. We compared the differences between Intelยฎ Arcโ„ข’s XeSS AI options in Forza Horizon 5. The actual frame rate showed a slightly higher maximum FPS in the ON state, but it was not a significant figure based on Forza Horizon 5.

We were able to see a noticeable increase in graphic quality when turned on. When playing with XeSS AI in โ€œbalancedโ€ mode, the frame rate averaged 78 FPS. Next is Overwatch 2. All graphics quality was set to maximum and run in QHD (3440×1440) windowed mode. The result was an average of 167FPS.

Since it delivers over 90fps at 1440p resolution and the highest option, it can be said to be a gaming graphics card that makes it impossible to say that you lost because of the frame rate ๐Ÿ™‚ In Diablo 4, XeSS AI is set to “Balanced” in the system default settings. The average of 112FPS is a level that can be said to be excessive for actually enjoying this kind of action RPG. The above is the HWiNFO monitoring value after benchmarking and gameplay. It was found that it maintains fairly stable temperature, fan RPM, and power consumption rate.

The SPARKLE ARC A770 TITAN OC D6 16GB equipped with Intelยฎ Arcโ„ข, which we have looked at so far, not only provides gamers with a good gaming environment through ray tracing and upscaling, but also creates Intel’s unique synergy for digital editing and creators. It is a product equipped with technology that provides

Thanks to this, I can recommend it as a graphics card that has a sophisticated design and high performance-to-price ratio ๐Ÿ™‚

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