UN plane misses landing, 11 injured, one seriously

Illustration of the flag of the United Nations, the United Nations. – Luiz Rampelotto / NEWSCOM / SIPA

A UN plane made a “difficult landing” on Monday at Gao airport, in northern Mali. The 11 occupants of the craft, four passengers and seven crew members, were injured in the incident, according to a statement from the United Nations Mission in Mali.

The plane would have landed off-runway, according to the statements of an official of the Minusma. Much of the fuselage of the white-cabin plane, stamped with the UN logo, has sunk into waterlogged ground by recent rains, according to photos circulating on social media.

The Minusma renewed for one year in Mali

According to an initial assessment, “a member of the crew was seriously injured and 10 people slightly,” said the UN mission in its press release. “The plane suffered significant damage” and the injured “were immediately evacuated to the medical structures of the International Forces and the Minusma to receive adequate care”.

An investigation will soon be launched to determine the cause of the incident. The Minusma was deployed in July 2013 in Mali after the takeover of the north of the country by jihadist groups. With around 13,000 peacekeepers, it is one of the most important missions of the UN. His mandate was renewed for one year at the end of June.

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