Unblocking the Mystery: How to Know if Someone has Blocked You on Instagram

2023-07-17 18:37:05

If you think you’ve been blocked by a user on Instagram, there are four tips to make sure.

Can’t see a certain person’s posts in your Instagram feed anymore? Or even check his profile? It may be because this user has blocked you. We show you the different ways to get to the bottom of it.

Instagram doesn’t notify you when you’ve been blocked, so you need to do a little investigation.

Find the account that may have blocked you

You can first type the name of the account in the “search” icon. If the account is private and you can’t find it, you’ve probably been blocked.

If the account is public and when you visit their page, you can’t see their profile picture, number of posts or number of followers, and the photo grid box says “no posts for the moment”, you have been blocked.

A user can also remove you from their followers. You won’t see his messages, but you’re technically not blocked. He may also have muted you. Again, you’re not blocked, but they won’t see your content in their feed and will have less reason to interact with you.

Watch your own posts to see if they’ve been commented on

If the person has already commented on one of your posts, tap on their username to access their profile. If you don’t see any details there, or if it says “sorry, this page is not available”, then you’ve probably been blocked.

check your private messages with the person

Like comments, Instagram doesn’t delete messages you’ve already shared.

Tap “view profile” to go to its page. If there are no posts in their profile and you see a brief message that says “user not found,” it likely means you have been blocked. Although it could also be a sign that the person has deleted their account.

Ask a friend if they can find the account

As a last resort, you can ask a friend to look up the account. If it also fails, it may mean that the person in question has deleted, temporarily or not, their activity on Instagram.

If, on the contrary, he succeeds, it means that this person no longer wishes to interact with you, a decision that must be respected.

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