Uncovering War Trauma: From Lebanon to Ukraine – Insights by a Renowned Writer

2023-09-24 22:40:18

Thus the wars of the last century mix with the recent war in Ukraine, which has revived old fears in the writer, diagnosed as “war traumatized” for having lived in Lebanon during the civil war which was to end in 1990 . “I understood more or less at that moment, while my anxieties and nightmares became more and more pressing, that I had to sink back into my war trauma, my obsessions” he says in the presentation of his book published in August 2023. “We unknowingly pass on stories that haunt us in the shadows, says the writer at the microphone of Pascal Claude. My family was crossed and devastated by the Algerian war, something I was unaware of until recently. And I myself, in a sort of repetition, found myself in contact with the violence of war in Lebanon when I was very young.”

The writer notes that “in the history of wars, we have the impression that it is always the return of the same thing! Europe, which one might think would be spared, is still threatened on its borders”. Besides Ukraine, he judges as well as the EU “close your eyes now” on secession attempts by the Bosnian Serb Republic in Boznia and Herzegovina. For Enard, the wars in Yugoslavia in the 90s are a sign “one of the great failures of Europe”. “The war should never have happened. Then the peace settlement was a catastrophe, we are still paying the consequences today. The European Union has shown its chronic inability to resolve conflicts outside itself.”

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