Under guardianship.. when the plot deceives you to the point of getting involved

2023-04-22 18:11:00

Written by: Mustafa Abdel Tawab

Saturday, April 22, 2023 08:11 PM


Like any prisoner, the believers call out for what he was imprisoned for by calling “freedom for him”, “May God relieve his distress”, this is how the matter is in reality, I only find myself wishing freedom for Hanan, the heroine of the series Under Guardianship, whose character was presented with elaborate creativity by the great artist Mona Zaki, and she was able to make Hanan A person lives in our lives, her children preoccupy us when she goes fishing, so we really feared for Farah and Yassin as if they were one of our children, and we were anxious when she caught the nets of her boat, praying to God that the sustenance be abundant to end the doors of misery that she and her children live with.


I postponed watching the last episode of the series Under Guardianship until all manifestations of Eid reception ended, the trips, greetings and visits ended, and before the day ended I decided to watch the episode, for nothing, except for my expectation of a tragic end, there were no preludes to solve the crisis, the more it opened from here it narrowed from there As if the two brothers, “Shareen and Khaled Diab,” decided to plant real people among us, ignoring that what they provide is representation, according to an unannounced agreement between us and them over the course of the 15 episodes, and we are affected by the death of Rabie’s uncle and Yassin’s decision to flee to his uncle, then Ibrahim’s magnanimity after he failed Sana. The first time, people were already around us, and our feelings about what they represented were real even when we knew that they were in a series and not in reality, perhaps for one thing everyone merged and agreed that they were people around us, which is that the story and the plot came out of hundreds or even thousands of real stories that happen Indeed, in fact, the two Diab brothers wrote, and it was best cooked by the creator, “Mohamed Shaker Khudair.”“.


The voice of the series’s family reached the members of the House of Representatives, while no one knew the end yet. No one knew the tragic end of the series that slapped us all in the face, repeating loudly, “Good does not always triumph.” Representatives, to amend the laws governing the issue of guardianship, in a way that does not prejudice the right of children in all available cases and scenarios, if the mother was a victim who decided to play the role of father and mother together, or the mother was indifferent to her children and wanted to go to complete her life away from them, in all cases we want not to be sad The children once again after the departure of the father, and the most severe pain, and we do not let them experience it again by the injustice of the father’s family to them, and forcing them to live scenarios that would not have been suitable for them if the father was still alive.


What we have seen of creativity makes me need to thank all the heroes of the series. This is how drama is, this is how creativity is. It comes from people’s concerns to put it in front of a large mirror for society to see, and to create for it a public opinion that paves the way for a solution to this matter. We thank Mona Zaki and those with her for what they provided. Creativity, without exaggerations or stinginess in effort, the performance was exactly as required, so they leaked into our hearts, and we wept at the departure of Rabie’s uncle, as if the artist Rushdi al-Shami was not too much to convince us of his kindness, and we cried in the scene of her conversation with Yassin when he was forced to be imprisoned with her. For this, thanks to the child Omar Sharif, who is expected to have a brilliant future, and our joy when she invited everyone to her restaurant, and also thanks to the team that represented evil in the series, specifically the star Mohamed Diab, who embodied his role to make you hate Saleh without a moment of sympathy or doubt about this hatred, which is an effort if you know Great, thank you to Sanaa, the aunt who resembles our aunt, who was presented by the artist Maha Nassar, thanks to Dalal the stump taxi driver that the artist Tharaa Jbeil presented to us, and thanks to the three sailors Hamdi, Shanhabi and Eid, who are in the same order the stars Khaled Kamal, Ahmed Abdel Hamid, and Ali Sobhi.

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