Under The Waves: A Gripping Narrative Adventure Game Set in the Depths of the North Sea

2023-08-23 10:11:32

The mysterious narrative adventure game “Under The Waves” (Under The Waves) will be launched on August 29. In this game, players will play professional diver Stan. He came to the North Sea to perform a mission at the bottom of his life. To be consumed by grief, or to rise out of the sea and embrace new life? Under The Waves is a story about the overwhelming power of grief, set in the technological futurism of the 1970s deep in the North Sea, as professional diver Stan struggles to overcome a life-changing injury and embrace a new future. This work combines the reality and the principle of “water can carry a boat and overturn it” in the image, inviting players to dive into the underwater world and witness the loneliness that Stan encountered in the abyss—soul and reality. As an ocean exploration game, players must gradually explore the depths of the ocean, drive a submarine through the abyss, and swim through caves, shipwrecks, and underwater plants to search for fragments of the story behind them, and at the same time collect available waste and collections to further make equipment Allows you to explore deeper locations. Players will finally have to make a difficult choice… whether to be lost in the depths of the sea forever, or to break out of the sea and embrace freedom for the rest of their lives. At the same time, in the deep seabed that is still unknown to human beings, it seems that there are not only ruins of lost civilizations waiting for players. According to the official introduction, this work has soft retro, sci-fi and fantasy elements. While witnessing the beauty of the ocean, this trip under the sea The journey may also have an element of the surreal. “Under The Waves” is expected to be officially launched on August 29. It supports Chinese subtitles. Players who are interested in survival exploration can add it to the wish list first.

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