Understanding and Alleviating Stomach Pain: Insights from Actress He Ruyun’s Journey

2023-09-12 14:05:18

He Ruyun has been suffering from long-term stomach pain. (Picture / Reprinted from He Ruyun’s Facebook)

The 54-year-old actress He Ruyun officially broke up with her cheating ex-husband last month, letting go of the heavy heartache she had suffered for many years. Unexpectedly, she recently admitted on a show that she often had stomach pains because she was too tired from filming in the past. She went to the doctor and took two kinds of medicine every day but there was no improvement. Therefore, she once I suspected that I had gastric cancer and ran for a check-up immediately.

He Ruyun revealed in the program “11 O’Clock Shop” that when she was young, she often had three meals at eight o’clock, so she had irregular meals and a lot of stress. She suffered from chronic stomach pain and flatulence. Later, although she became pregnant and gave birth to a child, she followed the doctor’s advice to eat three meals on time. However, the problems of flatulence and stomach pain still exist. As long as there is too much pressure, the stomach will hurt. When filming the eight o’clock show, I had to take two kinds of medicine every day. After that, I continued to suffer from stomach problems.

Since her stomach pain was not resolved, she went to the hospital for a check-up and told the doctor her worries: “Doctor, my stomach hurts so much, I must have gastric cancer.” However, the doctor looked down upon her and was told, “Cancer doesn’t hurt, it’s probably inflammation.” The gastroenteroscopy also revealed polyps and they were removed, ending the false alarm. However, because the polyps were located in areas prone to colorectal cancer and she had been infected with Helicobacter pylori, she was reminded by her doctor to undergo a gastroscopy every two years.

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Chen Baichen, a family medicine physician, said that gastric cancer is usually not obvious, but it can be observed by observing whether there is constipation or wearing clothes that are too tight, causing an increase in abdominal pressure, confirming whether the food eaten is easy to produce gas, and whether there are allergies to the food eaten, etc. 3 You can eliminate this situation by yourself. In addition to developing the habit of chewing carefully and swallowing slowly, you should also avoid talking while eating to reduce the problem of flatulence.

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