Understanding Chronic Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

2023-10-09 02:49:00

chronic joint pain It’s a common symptom. Patients often overlook and buy painkillers to take on their own. Which is more harmful than you think. Because there may be complications such as stomach ulcers and kidney disease, etc. If the pain is getting worse and chronic, the patient should know the cause. and receive proper treatment by medical experts

Causes of chronic joint pain

Joint pain from overuse until causing injury or structural problems such as osteoarthritis, which is often found in the elderly or people who are overweight

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The patient will have pain when standing or walking for a long time. The pain gets better with rest. There is sound in the passage when moving. There is no pain or only slight stiffness after waking up.

joint pain from inflammation There are many diseases. This type of joint pain is usually worse after waking up in the morning. Some people have joint pain that keeps them awake at night. Joint stiffness in the morning can last for hours. But while there is that movement Most patients will have less pain and stiffness in their joints.

How many types of arthritis are there?

rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis and spinal inflammation Even though back pain Neck pain is a common symptom. Patients with this disease can also have inflammation in other areas of their joints. In addition to the spine, for example, knee joints, ankle joints, finger joints, and toe joints are ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, and reactive arthritis. related to previous infection Arthritis associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Palindromic Rheumatism is characterized by chronic joint pain. But each time it will heal quickly. within hours or days Arthritis from the group of connective tissue diseases (Connective Tissue Disease). Diseases in this group are SLE, scleroderma, and muscle inflammation. These diseases can cause inflammation in many organs. Arthritis is one symptom of these diseases. Arthritis from the group of vasculitis (Systemic Vasculitis). Patients with this disease have many symptoms. Joint pain is one symptom that can be found. This disease is rare. Sometimes it is difficult to make a diagnosis. Gout and pseudogout (Gout and Pseudogout), which involve joint pain Live arthritis It disappears, usually only 1-2 items each time.

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How should I take care of myself with arthritis?

In addition to taking care under the supervision of a doctor, you should exercise regularly. Control your weight within the appropriate range and get enough rest. In addition, you should eat foods high in calcium because patients with arthritis are at risk of developing it. osteoporosis more than the average person You should limit your intake of starch. Sugar and foods high in fat may cause diabetes and high blood fat. In the long term, patients with arthritis are at higher risk of developing coronary artery disease.

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