Understanding Tragedy in Gaza: Balancing Expression of Anger with Civic Responsibility

2023-10-18 10:05:19

The media department of the Lebanese Forces Party indicated, “We fully understand the magnitude of the tragedy that the Palestinian people are exposed to in Gaza, which is denounced in the strongest terms, but we do not understand at all the encroachment on the public and private property of innocent Lebanese citizens, and if the truly peaceful demonstration falls within the context of Freedom to express a position and embody anger at the tragic scenes emerging from Gaza, but threatening civil peace as the last element of stability in Lebanon is completely rejected.”

She continued, “We call on the security forces in general, and the internal security forces in particular, to preserve freedom of expression on the one hand, and to preserve public and private property as required by public laws on the other hand.”

She added, in a statement: What happened yesterday, Tuesday, in Dbayeh and Awkar, in terms of burning and destroying some shops, is completely unacceptable, and in anticipation of today’s demonstration in the same place, the security forces are responsible for the safety and security of the people and demand that they strike with an iron fist anyone who dares to resort to violence. Breaking, chaos and vandalism; “And thus harming the interests of citizens. People are in a tragic situation, and it is not permissible or acceptable for their interests to be harmed.”​

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