Unexpected Lessons from a Foster Care Website: Tales of an Elementary School Teacher

2023-10-04 02:56:32
2023-10-04 10:56 Lianhe News Network Comprehensive Report Some netizens met an elementary school teacher on a foster care website during their vacation and immediately responded to the message. Unexpectedly, after making an appointment, he was “taught by the teacher…”

With the advancement of modern technology, many people will meet their significant other through the Internet or dating apps, which is convenient and allows them to get to know others quickly. A netizen was bored and browsed a foster care website during his vacation. He met a primary school teacher on it and immediately responded to his message. Unexpectedly, he was “taught” by the other party after they asked him out. No.”

A netizen posted on Dcard“Mood Edition”Posting a post, he was bored and looked at the foster care website during his vacation. He wanted to find something different and see if there were occupations or groups that would not appear on ordinary days. He found an elementary school teacher there who responded to private messages instantly, so he planned to make an appointment. When they came out, they skipped walking, talking, and getting to know each other. The other person stood on the roadside with his arms folded and began to talk about his outlook on life and love. The conversation suddenly turned into pointing at him and lecturing him, ranging from how to manage money to how he didn’t have a beard. After shaving, he stood there stupidly for half an hour and listened, “Do you understand what I mean?”, “Did you hear that?”, he thought to himself, “She seems to have completely forgotten where we made an appointment.”

The original po said that they made an appointment in the square outside the station. After the other person finished reading, he pushed the other person back to the station platform. After returning, the other person was completely unaware of his behavior and wanted to make an appointment to meet next time. He even asked him to sign “Promise” “Book”, which made him quite dumbfounded, “I went to Baoyang.com to find Pink Bubble, not a private tutor.” He also added that of course there are gentle, beautiful teachers with great personalities, “But they have been married off long ago. Got it”.

Netizens said one after another, “It’s better to find a sister who will admire you decisively”, “Maybe children who grow up without a mother miss this kind of preaching”, “I think in a sense, it is also very unique.” , “Some people like this kind of thing”, “Become a primary school student in a second”, “The most annoying thing is “do you know what I mean””, “There is a huge difference between the female teachers I meet who are over 30 years old and those who are under 30 years old”, “You spent thousands to be recited in vain”, “I saw it as ‘pushing her off the platform immediately after being recited'”, “I saw it as asking you to sign a contact book”, “She just deliberately set up this kind of persona, You still believe it so stupidly, it’s so funny.”

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