Technology University Hospital Director Jochen Werner in the podcast Handelsblatt...

University Hospital Director Jochen Werner in the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt


Dusseldorf In many clinics, too many of the most important processes are “still controlled with the fax machine”, complains Jochen Werner, medical director and chairman of the board of the Essen University Hospital, that this is particularly negative in the current corona crisis.

In the Handelsblatt Disrupt podcast, Werner explains how his clinic responds to the challenges, what role digitalization plays – and why he believes face masks make sense in everyday life. He wants to develop his clinic, which he already calls a “smart hospital”, into a “smart health platform”.

The consequences of the corona crisis for corporations, medium-sized companies and the self-employed were discussed intensively. But what does the sharp economic slump mean for startups? A short interview with the head of the Federal Association of German Startups, Christian Miele. He warns that Germany could lose many innovative companies as a result of the crisis.

And then another conversation with Handelsblatt technology reporter Stephan Scheuer, who this week dealt with the reservations of data protectionists in Germany and the USA against the video conference provider Zoom.

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More: The previous episode of Handelsblatt Disrupt can be found here.



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