University Student Support: Conditions and Benefits of Citizen Account in Saudi Arabia

2023-09-06 18:39:43

The citizen support service provides many services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including providing cash support to male and female students in the Kingdom who need assistance throughout the study period with a number of basic conditions.

Conditions for a university student to obtain citizen account support

The committee responsible for the citizen’s account allowed university students to register in the citizen’s account in order to obtain support with the status of customer service to communicate with it, with a set of conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for support.

Conditions for obtaining citizen account support for the student

There are several conditions that must be present in students to obtain support and assistance:

To be of Saudi nationality, and the age between 18 to 24 years, with documents confirming the student’s enrollment in a university. Attach documents proving independence, such as university housing or a lease contract. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia and not reside outside it for more than three months. Likewise, he must not be in governmental or private shelters, or registered in prison, or within scholarship programs outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ensure that the recorded data is compatible with the official authorities.

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