Unleash Hell: A Deep Dive into Solium Infernum’s Unique Strategy Game Features and Gameplay

2023-09-11 14:25:29

Solium Infernum looks to be a strategy game like no other, and at Gamescom we caught up with Senior Technical Designer Will Dyce to discuss some of the game’s core features and how it stands out. Aside from trying to be what Will describes as “the worst person,” Solium Infernum is about trying to take over Pandemonium, which is basically the capital of hell. In order to do this, we need our thinking caps, but we also need a lot of time. However, this doesn’t have to be done all at once, you can actually unfold the game however you want. “You can play long-form asynchronous games, either matched or custom, where you can change the number of hours you have to submit rounds,” he explains. “The default is 24 hours, but you can say you can have 72 hours or whatever. You can also play blitz mode, where you have five-minute rounds and let everyone play at the same time and adjust the balance a little bit so that you You can finish the game in 90 minutes. You can play it in different ways and the game is really as fast as your friends. If your friends are slow to submit your turns, this can take a long time. I have An original stately hell game that has been going on since Christmas and is still going strong. We really got to know each other. Not necessarily in a positive way. So if you have a friend who can’t help but feel like it when it’s their turn Think orbs, it doesn’t matter in Solium Infernum, you can take them as fast or as slow as you want. Check out our full interview below and our gameplay preview here.
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