Unlikely Friendship: Thief Befriends Dog in Viral Video

2023-08-08 06:24:31

There are very, very few people who don’t like pet dogs. Similarly, dogs were mainly kept in the house to chase away thieves when they came to the house and to notify the family if someone trespassed. However, this video that went viral recently is completely different. The video shows a dog befriending a thief.

The incident took place on July 15 in San Diego, California. The thief stole a bicycle. As he tries to leave the garage with the stolen bicycle, a golden retriever approaches him. It can be seen in the video that he makes friends with the dog without trying to run away from there suddenly or retreat in fear.

The thief can also be seen rubbing the dog’s belly in the video. And he is having a friendly conversation with the dog while riding the bicycle. He tells the dog that you are the coolest dog I have ever seen and I love you too. He also asks the dog about its owner.

Anyway, after doing all this, the thief leaves here with a bicycle worth Rs 1.7 lakh. The San Diego Police Department posted the video on social media. And there are requests to the locals to help find this thief.

The video quickly went viral on social media. Many people came with interesting comments on the video. It is clear from the comments that everyone liked the thief and the dog.

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