“Unlocking the Secrets of Love, Success and Fertility in 2023 According to Pitta La Numerologist”

2023-05-27 17:36:13

In dialogue with People, he mentioned how they should do to know if it will be a positive year in the field of love: “They have to know that if they add their date of birth and it gives them 11-2 or 9, they are numbers where love is present.”

This year there will be many lonely people and, at the same time, the gestation of a new feeling: love is the love for which you can love a friend or a relative. Love wants to present itself to us in another way. We all need to be loved and love.” He mentioned how love can appear in the lives of celebrities.

“There are many who are lost and others who are going to realize that love is everything. Those who have a number 9 have a year that is ideal for lovers and the end of the cycle: relationships of a lifetime can be ended”overtook the luckiest.

However, he did not stay only with them, but also pointed it out to consolidated couples who will go in search of expanding the family: “To have a child you must have the numbers 3 and 6, adding the day, month and year of birth. In addition, to find out if you vibrate in fertility, you have to add your day of birth, the month and 2023, which is number 7. If it gives you 3 and 6, it is ideal to have children and create a family.

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Besides, Pitta La Numerologist He mentioned what will be the best and worst months for show business: “May and June you have to be calm. The month of November will be transitional. You will notice that one month you are divine and the other you have nothing. There are many changes that are going to take place in general, but especially in those three months”.

Finally, it closed with the most positive months: “The month of September is going to be good and in December there will be a change of energy for all Argentines. But, equally, we have to guard ourselves. This means spending little money, concentrating on ourselves and thinking that this period is the last thing left”.

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