unmissable beaches on the Path of the 7 lakes

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On the Camino de los 7 lakes, from San Martín de los Andes to Villa la Angostura, kilometers and kilometers of beach allow you to choose large spaces for summer vacations. The heat predicted for the next few days predisposes us to approach the water bodies: we show you the variety of beaches it has in its four cardinal points, take note and choose.

San Martín de los Andes is one of the favorite places when it comes to beaches. The shores of Lake Lácar offer different alternatives for the whole family. Traditional and very accessible, the main Costanera del Lácar is located a few blocks from the center of the town. You can not only sunbathe, but also practice some nautical activity and even enjoy outdoor shows. Without a doubt it is one of the most popular in the south.

If you are planning your trip, The values ​​obtained, to date, in the different lodging categories, for January 2024 are: for 4 people from $130,000 per night in cabins and apartments. For two, from $95,000 per night in inns and hotels and enabled campsites $8,000 per night per person.

Going out to eat can cost about $20,000 per person. (with wine, main dish and dessert), or $10,000 per person (with drink and main dish. A large pizza costs $8000 and a can of beer costs $1800.

Recommended beaches

If you take the Camino a 7 Lagos, you will find more surprises. 19 km from San Martín de los Andes, is the Quila Quina Site, with a large stretch of beach known as La Puntilla, a confectionery, baths and sale of Mapuche crafts.

Meliquina a quiet town and a beautiful lake.

From there you can also visit the Grande stream waterfall or the cave paintings a few kilometers from the coast. For those who want to walk a little further, you can do so through the El Cipresal Trail (one hour walk).

In the path Of the 7 Lakes there are beach sectors, although with fewer services, they still have excellent conditions to spend a day of relaxation.him: in the lake Falkner just a few meters from the route, just like the lakes Villarino and Mirror. 14 km. of the 7 Lakes Route you will find the lake Meliquina which has a wide and extensive beach very close to the town.

Catritre: all the beauty of a classic beach, a few kilometers from San Martín de los Andes.

Catritre Beach is just 6 km away. from the city center, this beautiful beach has the particularity of being a few meters from a magnificent forest of coihues, ñires and pellín oak belonging to the Lanín National Park, which invites trekking through its trails. Catritre has a picnic area, bathrooms and a confectionery.

Yuco is within the jurisdiction of the Lanín National Park and is undoubtedly one of the favorites. It is 29 km from the town, on the way to the Hua Hum International Pass. It is a very good option since it has white sand bays surrounded by coihues and myrtles, a daytime recreation area for lunch and an interesting trail called Las Corinas that crosses the forest and fords crystalline slopes.

30 km from San Martín de los Andes, along provincial route 48 you reach the five spectacular beaches of Yuco

Be careful here with parking as it tends to get saturated and spaces to do so are limited. YesIf that happens, when the capacity of the beach is full you will have to go find another place, That is why it is always recommended to go early.

And you will arrive at Villa La Angostura, where the beach options are given by the extensive shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.. 3 km from the center, Mansa Bay It has a beach of dark sands that contrast with the serene turquoise waters that the lake acquires in this sector.

For those who prefer more “agitated” waters, the alternative is Brava Bay. Both places are located at the entrance to Los Arrayanes National Park, an excellent option to get to know and warm up through a walk of just over 10 km.

The Correntoso River, 300 meters of pure beauty to join two lakes in Villa La Angostura. @turismovla

The extensive bay of Lake Correntoso, A few minutes from the center, it has a cafeteria, bathrooms and a recreational area where you can practice nautical activities such as canoeing and kayaking. It is preferred by the residents of the town, since it has a few degrees warmer than Nahuel Huapi.

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