Unobvious Symptoms of Liver Disease: Identifying Early Signs and Seeking Medical Attention

2023-09-19 07:58:11

Gastroenterologist Valeria Lomova named five symptoms that indicate a diseased liver. According to her, in the initial stages, liver disease almost does not manifest itself.

Lomova noted that the organ has no nerve endings, so the initial stages of the disease occur almost without symptoms, so it is important to undergo a routine examination by a hepatologist at least once a year.

– Unobvious signs of liver disease include pigmentation of the palms, the appearance of spider veins, itching, swelling, frequent nosebleeds and bruising on the skin, weight loss or obesity, decreased appetite, drowsiness, increased fatigue, nausea, impaired concentration and attention, — quote “Notices” medica.

In addition, test results should be alarming if the level of platelets and hemoglobin is reduced in a general blood test, and urobilinogen appears in a general urine test. You should consult a doctor if the skin has turned yellow and the organ is enlarged upon palpation. Bitterness in the mouth, change in urine color, and the appearance of swelling should also alert you.

According to the specialist, liver diseases are often associated with alcohol abuse, fatty liver and viral hepatitis. Problems can also arise due to uncontrolled use of medications, dietary supplements and herbal preparations.

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