Unusual: carabiniere reports to another carabiniere for driving radio patrol without his license | National

A policeman must explain in front of a judge why he was driving a radio patrol without carrying the corresponding license. This, after a colleague of his caught him committing the offense and decided to get a report out of him. The situation opened debate among members of the institution, but from the Carabineros they clarify that everything was adjusted to the regulations.

A situation that could be described as “unusual” occurred this Tuesday in the Puente Alto commune, when the driver of a Carabineros radio patrol ended up summoned to the Local Police Court of the commune after being violated by a colleague.

The lack? Driving the police vehicle belonging to the 20th Police Station of Puente Alto without carrying -at the time of control- the relevant driver’s license. That is, the Clase F that allows driving motorized vehicles of the Armed Forces, Carabineros and Firefighters.

As it turned out, the incident provoked the anger of the commissioner of the police unit. However, the procedure conformed to the internal regulations of the uniformed police and it is part of random controls that have been instructed.

Specifically, the official identified with the initials DAHG was driving the patrol along Avenida México in Puente Alto when he was inspected by personnel from the Carabineros Internal Affairs Directorate (Daicar).

What could have been a routine control, became a controversy that has been widely commented within the ranks of the institution.

According to the police report seen by this means, the infraction was filed at 10:30 a.m. this Tuesday for “driving a motor vehicle and not holding a driver’s license at the time of being inspected”.

Indeed, the official in question was summoned to the Puente Alto Local Police Court for next February 6 at 09:00. In said instance, he must explain before a judge why he did not have the corresponding license to drive a Carabineros car.

Everything that happened would have caused the annoyance of the commissioner of the 20th Puente Altina Carabineros Police Station, who would have made his discontent known to Daicar personnel and even to a chief of said unit.

Consulted about it, from police from Chile They pointed out that an official was infringed in the framework of random institutional controls.

“Our police drivers, like any natural person, must comply with the Traffic Law, especially we who are the inspectors of it,” they emphasized.

The idea, explain sources within the uniformed police, is to avoid a greater evil in the event that a patrol is involved in an incident and its driver does not have the necessary documentation for legal and investigative purposes.

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