Unusual cold strikes Asia, more than 150 people died

The recent cold in Asian countries has caused 157 deaths in Afghanistan and one death in Japan, the Guardian reported.

Japan and many countries in Asia are being severely affected by cold weather and heavy snowfall. Photo: Kyodo News.

Extreme weather agencies in Asia have issued a warning to people after freezing and strong winds caused heavy damage in the region.

In the past two weeks, cold weather has pushed temperatures in many parts of Asia to record lows, destroying infrastructure and killing many people.

A Taliban spokesman said on January 24 that cold conditions in Afghanistan in recent weeks had killed at least 157 people. CNN news.

Afghanistan is experiencing one of the coldest winters in the country’s history with temperatures sometimes as low as -28 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, Northeast China also recorded a record low temperature of -53 degrees Celsius in Heilongjiang province. The Chinese government on January 24 issued a “green alert”, the highest level of alert for extreme weather conditions in China.

In Japan, people in many areas are battling extreme weather conditions as temperatures are predicted to drop to a decade low. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said on January 25 that the cold had killed one person. Meanwhile, the deaths of two other people are also being investigated due to suspicion of being related to extreme weather.

Japan’s weather agency forecast that the central and northeastern regions of the country will have heavy snowfall until the end of January 25 with winds of up to 126 km/h in many areas.

The Korean peninsula is also facing cold with temperatures at the border area between South Korea and North Korea dropping to -25 degrees Celsius, forcing the South Korean meteorological agency to issue a special warning to the people on 24th. /first.

Meanwhile, the North Korean government issued a similar warning, predicting temperatures will drop to “very dangerous” levels in the poorest parts of the country. NK News news.

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