Unusual: Louviers in Eure … and in Colorado and Delaware

The Norman city has two little twin sisters, today located in the city of Wilmington (Delaware) and in Colorado, under the name of Louviers Village.

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A sign indicating entry into Louviers Village, Colorado. (CC BY 4.O license)

The euroise city is not the only one to bear the name of Louviers. By chance, social networks helping, we discovered the existence of a city of the same name in the Colorado (Co), then in the Delaware. The first is located in the county (the equivalent in France of the cantons) of Douglas, about thirty kilometers south of Denver. A colleague from Denver Post, John Aguilar, replied succinctly in one of our emails:

VSis a small town. There nthere is not much there. Just a set of houses.

Between plains and mountains

The national register of historic sites describes it in these terms:

The city is located about 1,737 meters above sea level, in a foothill area transitioning from the Rocky Mountains in western Colorado to the eastern plains. […] The land immediately around Louviers is generally undeveloped and, in fact, still mainly belongs to Du Pont.

Originally, Louviers, Co (or Louviers Village), was a town of the Du Pont company. The land acquired in 1906, the chemical company built it in 1908 to house its employees. In so-called pioneer towns and villages, agriculture or mining predominate.

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Explosives factory

The peculiarity of the village, according to the Colorado Encyclopedia site, is to have had a different activity from localities of the same nature. The heirs of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours, an American chemist and industrialist of French origin, established a factory for explosives, dynamite and gunpowder.

The city served as housing for workers until the company sold it and closed the factory at the end of the twentieth century. “, continues the historic online encyclopedia.

Pioneer village

Today, Louviers, Co, remains one of the best-preserved pioneer villages in the United States:

Most of its buildings were built at the same time and modified uniformly over the years.

It even seems to have been classified in historic sites.

The names of Louviers and DuPont, however, traveled from the eastern United States to Colorado. Fleeing the French Revolution in 1800, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours, Lavoisier’s collaborator, took up residence in Wilmington, Delaware, with his older brother Victor. They built a villa there between 1808 and 1811, listed in the national register of historic sites since 1971.

Reference to Louviers “between Rouen and Paris”

Its name clearly refers to Louviers, in Eure. “Between Rouen and Paris”, is it written in the application form for classification in the national register of historic sites. However, it remains difficult to explain the link between the Norman city and the DuPont de Nemours. The archives of the United States Department of the Interior, in the same form, only reports the creation of a textile factory (a link with one of the cloth factories of Louviers?), Within the framework of a partnership between the two brothers.

But at the time, the cadet was already working on his science projects, sketching the creation of the industrial group that later became DuPont, flagship of the American chemical industry. Even today, the former dwelling of the aristocratic family remains known as the Upper Louviers and Black Gates.

Several namesakes
Near Louviers, you can also find:
* A district of Dianthady would bear the name of Val-de-Reuil, a commune in international cooperation with the Senegalese village.
* The Vaudreuil has two homonyms in Quebec, Vaudreuil-Dorion and Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac, in the regional county municipality (MRC) of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, whose origins lie in Vaudreuille, in Haute-Garonne.
* Lery (Eure) in Quebec.
A non-exhaustive search makes it possible to find several homonyms around the world. :
* Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) in Canada.
* Rouen (Seine-Maritime) has its equivalent Ruen, sometimes spelled Rouen in French transliteration, in Bulgaria.
* Bayeux (Calvados) in Brazil.
* Many Vernon (Eure) can be found in the United States, including California, and Canada.
* Cherbourg (Channel) in Australia, Queensland.
* Ry (Seine-Maritime) in Denmark.
* Aumale (Seine-Maritime) was the name of Sour El Ghozlane (Algeria) from 1845 to 1962.
* Albemarle (United States), in North Carolina, is derived from the medieval Latin name ofAumale.
* Granville (Channel) was also the surname of noble titleholders who gave their names to cities in the United States, Northern Ireland and Australia.
* Honfleur (Calvados) in Quebec.
* Boos (Seine-Maritime) has three namesakes in Germany.
* St. James (Channel) in South Africa, Australia, Barbados, Canada and the United States.
* Montville (Seine-Maritime) in the United States and Australia.
* Trun (Orne) in Switzerland.
* St Helier (Jersey) has the same etymological root as Saint-Hellier (Seine-Maritime) and Saint-Élier (Eure).

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  1. Why did Dupont. choose the name « Louviers » for their factory and town in Colorado ? For other such towns they used the english names of prominent engineers such as Barksdale and Ramsey .


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