Unveiling the Controversial Speech: Insights into Luis Rubiales’ Dilemmas and Resignation Consideration

2023-09-17 15:47:00

Published on: September 17, 2023: 07:47 PM GST Last updated: September 17, 2023: 07:59 PM GST

On Sunday, El Mundo newspaper revealed the speech that Luis Rubiales, former president of the Spanish Football Federation, refused to read during the General Assembly, following the famous and controversial kiss scandal.

The letter, written by Luis Arroyo, an external consultant appointed by the Football Association almost a year ago, addressed sensitive topics, including the possibility of Rubiales’ resignation.

The letter, which was revealed, shed light on the dilemmas Rubiales faced at the time, and the president, who recently submitted his resignation after his famous kiss to Spain national team player Gheni Hermoso after winning the Women’s World Cup, chose to face the criticism directly rather than consider resigning.

The text of the letter published by the newspaper came: I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart, because I distorted that great victory for our women’s team. The first mistake was exceeding the limits of trust with player Jenny Hermoso. She knows that there was no bad intention for me, but it is clear that she was… A sign of joy. I am imperfect, of course, but I consider myself a respectable citizen and I have never accepted any violence against women. The second mistake, after many hours of traveling with the players and coaches of Al-Ittihad in particular, was not able to appreciate social sensitivity at that moment, and this was the second mistake. The third is not appreciating the behavior I committed, and offering nuances and excuses. I should have said then what I say now: “I’m sorry.” I am fully convinced that there is no punishable act in my behavior and I will confirm that if necessary, but it is clear My behavior was not appropriate and I repeat my apologies. I am at the disposal of the Federation’s Integrity Committee, which has already begun internal procedures.

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