Unveiling the Enigmatic Sun: A Rare Glimpse of the Untouched Solar Corona

2023-09-27 01:23:59

Observing an image of the sun as humans have never seen it before Date: 09/26/2023 06:23:59 PM Observing an image of the sun as humans have never seen it before A + a – The scientific website “Live Science” published a new video clip of the sun, in a way it had not been seen before. Humans before. The video was captured by an imaging device located in the “Solar Orbiter” spacecraft, in cooperation with the American space agency “NASA”. The mission of this vehicle, which was launched in 2020, is to monitor the sun, its atmosphere, and the winds emerging from it. The new video appears differently, because it monitors The hottest part of the sun’s outer atmosphere, which is its corona, is something that could not be photographed before. The solar corona is what produces what is known as the solar wind that damages artificial satellites, so it is important to understand this part of the sun. The heliosphere is a million times fainter. Compared to the glow emanating from the surface of the Sun, the photosphere, the temperature of the corona is about one million degrees Celsius, which is 150 times hotter than the photosphere. This was a mystery that puzzled scientists for a long time. Healthy types of bread that doctors recommend eating. Get to know them ←

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