Unveiling the Secrets Behind Tech Giants’ Product Integration and Consumer Loyalty

2023-11-03 02:11:51
It is nothing new for one person to own multiple devices. Some of them, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, all come from the same brand. It seems that you can’t use this company’s products without using them. But have you ever thought about why the products of these technology companies are so attractive? What techniques are used to make it difficult for consumers to leave? Interconnection and integration between products. Currently, many manufacturers are actively launching many products, including common mobile phones and computers, watches, TVs, and even home appliances. Xiaomi and Samsung are a good example of this, increasing integration capabilities through close connections between their own devices. Some also have automated functions (for example, if your mobile phone uses positioning to determine whether you are almost home, it will turn on the air conditioner and air purifier first), centrally integrating control of software and hardware to form an ecosystem. Make users feel convenient, and there will be a high chance that they will choose the same company when purchasing products in the future. Product closure: Why can App downloads only be downloaded from a single paid channel? Why is it so difficult to transfer files with other brands? Increased incompatibility with other products forces the manufacturer’s standards to be used, leaving consumers with no choice. The most typical ones are Apple and Microsoft! iOS can only be downloaded from the AppStore, iPhone/iPad can only use MFI certified Lightning charging cable (it is much better now that Type-C is used), Office files can be run with other document software, etc… Of course there’s more to it than just that. The same goes for using private protocols (AirDrop) and proprietary formats (.docx/.pptx). First use free to attract you. I believe you have experience in using free software, right? Some software will be advertised as free to use and open to basic functions, and users will be prompted to pay when they need advanced functions. Don’t underestimate the means of providing free use. As long as people find it easy to use at this stage, they will increase their favorability towards the product and will be more willing to pay for it later. If you let piracy go, you won’t be able to go back after using it. First of all, I strongly discourage the use of piracy. What I want to say here is that indulging in piracy is actually a business method. By not pursuing piracy too much (of course, not not catching it at all), users can develop dependence. After accumulating to a certain market size, , which means that enterprises or individual users will become increasingly inseparable from it. Taking Windows and Office as an example, Microsoft does not deliberately catch individual users using piracy. The purpose is to maintain user stickiness, and the use of piracy can also be used for publicity purposes, and has the opportunity to make consumers switch to using genuine versions. . Some of the above-mentioned business methods are really clever and will make it difficult for people to leave and become the main employer in the first try. Some of them are used in combination. However, if a product is not useful, some consumers are not willing to switch to other brands. Why is this? The most fundamental reason that Hongcha thinks of may be: switching cost. Switching cost can be said to be the biggest reason that hinders users from changing jobs. It’s not just about the amount of money spent on it, but it also includes: the time it takes to purchase new peripheral equipment, relearn how to operate it, etc… As long as the use is cumbersome during the conversion process, it will reduce the willingness to change jobs. To give some examples: Taiwan’s commonly used communication software: LINE, although there are constant negative reviews in the app store, its payment and sticker functions have formed a huge user group; although Android has more functions than iOS, its operating habits and purchase on the App Store Apps and AirDrop can only be used between the same brands, which makes it difficult for users to switch jobs. Have you ever had difficulty switching brands? Feel free to share your job-hopping process or thoughts below. I am Hongcha, see you in the next article~ *Thank you very much for reading this article* If you like or find this article helpful to you, you can like it or follow it. If there are any errors in the article or if you have other ideas, please leave a message below.Your support is the motivation for my creation ~ Black Tea’s FB fan page has opened ~ Welcome to follow ~: FB fan page ~ If you are interested, you can also take a look ~ The website I created when I was in college: A computer manual for novices
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